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party banter bug

alteralter Member Posts: 2
I'm playing BG2:EE for the first time and I'm having the most annoying issue. Every few minutes Imoen's voice says

"Ill-effects? What kind of ill-effects? Irritableness, nausea, tone deafness, sudden cravings for pasta in the middle of the night? That sort of thing?"

The first hundred times she said this was funny but now its just ruining my gaming experience, especially seeing as how Imoen is not even in my party, Jaheira isn't either but yet they keep talking to eachother as if they were.

I really just wish I could turn off all party voice banter because it talks over all other encounters I have in the game.

Also my main party member keeps repeating over and over "I truly wish you would call me by proper name, Jan...." Jan is not in my party either and this is just annoying. Is there a way I can turn ALL party banter off? I'm just sick of it all and it is just a horrible experience being forced to listen to it.



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