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No cursor at 4k

MereinidMereinid Member Posts: 45
Hello and good morning, I am trying to play BGEE and I have yet to find a way to change my display for BGEE. Does BGEE automatically check my monitors screen resolution and set the game to that? Anyway, it loads fine and gets to the loading screen where I pick continue, or load game or create a new game..etc etc. Well my gauntlet cursor is there for about 1 second then disappears. The choices I have is in the middle of the screen *centered*.
How do I set the display to something lower than my 4k monitors?


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,664
    Sounds like the game is running in fullscreen, pressing Alt/Enter toggles windowed mode.

    The options screen has a hardware mouse cursor that you could try changing. If you can't get to that screen due to lack of cursor you can close the game down and change the value of this line from 1 to 0 in your baldur.lua file (found in documents -> Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition)

    SetPrivateProfileString('Graphics','Hardware Mouse Cursor','1')

    If you are using a pc, there might be more recent graphics card drivers available. If you want help checking this please attach a directx report here via the attach file icon.

    To get the file
    Use Windows/R keys to open a Run prompt, type dxdiag and click ok. Wait a few moments for it to launch and run, then once the green progress bar is full select Save all Information. Save the output & attach it here.

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