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transferring saved games with mod kits from bgee(w or w/o) SoD TO BGEE2

ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 145
So, fairly new to adding mods after playing for years. Mods make all the difference after so long,
The problem is when transferring a saved charname file or saved game to BG2EE it drops the mod kit and reverts back to a standard kit. For example, my oozemaster kit in BGEE changes to a standard druid in BGEE2,

It actually did the same from BGEE to SoD, although he kept his new shapeshift and resistances but was threreafter listed as a plain druid and I assume would not get any new abiliites.
In BG2EE it actually kept special resistances but shapeshifting was changed to crap old bear instead of my fine mustard jelly.

Is this a problem with running new kits? Is there a way to change the kit back from plain crap druid to nice drippy new oozemaster druid?
Kinda sucks because if I had to start a new character oozemaster in BG2EE I dont get the nice new tome ability score adds from BGEE. Also any items that import from BGEE and SoD my character picker will not be imported as well.

Anyone know if this can be fixed?

Divine Remix
BGEE 1&2 v2.3
Did not add spheres or new spells.

Addition: downloaded and played around with ee keeper. Tough to get the right file in the right folder for it to work. BUT, did manage to change the class back from druid to oozemaster in BG2EE. Seems to more or less wrok although I had to raise CHR a few points more to deal with BG2EE dropping it lower than it should. Hit points still don't stay correct even when keeper in. Strange and basically a pain.

Not sure if items will transfer like this or not from SoD and BGEE.
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  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 6,416
    Exporting/importing characters between different games will never, ever be able to handle mod kits. It's just the way the game files are structured. Even if Beamdog makes game files like kitlist.2da uniform across all the games (which they don't seem to have any interest in doing), each games have different mods available and those files will likely get out of sync anyway.

    There are, and only ever will be, 2 solutions to this issue:

    1) Use EEKeeper to fix the character when importing into a new game.

    2) Use EET. (Or BGT, if playing the pre-EE games.)
  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 145
    Thanks SD. I played around a little with EEKeeper for the first time. A little tricky that is but it seems to do the trick.

    Vanilla 2.3 SoD did a pretty good job of auto transfer across the (now) three EE's, but mods I am finding make it a little tougher. But I gots to have my mods now. Whats life in BG without a little modding (and coffee).
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