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Help with updating please

diskhatediskhate Member Posts: 12
edited March 2017 in Troubleshooting
Hi everyone; i'm fairly new here, but i'm definitely not new to the love of the Baldur's gate-Icewind Dale-Planescape games.
Now, a couple of months ago i bought a retail copy of Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition (the clamshell version that comes with the awesome 2sided poster) and my problem is: how do i update it??
See i am from Italy, and the fact that one of the last updates was the official italian translation is a HUGE plus for me, since i've never played it in my own language..but still, how do i update it? Is it even possible?
I've tried to download the Beamdog client but i don't see any way to add my copy to it or anything like that
is there a way to download the update on it's own?
I looked around for a similar discussion but couldn't find any answer to it
PS: to be precise, it's version 1.3.2064 and it was a new copy

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  • DoubledimasDoubledimas Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,197
    Unfortunately there is no way to update the game's that come from a CD/DVD yet. You might try and contact support to see if they're willing to give you a key for Steam or their own client.

  • diskhatediskhate Member Posts: 12
    Thank you very much; somehow i doubt that they would agree to do such a least i would have my doubts in having faith in the person askin for such favor, i would probably ask for something like "take a photo of your copy of the game with your face in the background to prove that you own it" .. or something like that.
    Well, maybe i'll buy it digitally..afterall when it comes to these games i would have bought the retail version anyway (i need to have physical versions of my favorite titles)
    thank you very much!

  • IsayaIsaya Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 737
    Beamdog mentionned that they are working on a way for people who own physical versions to update the games in their new client software announcement. If you're not in a hurry, you may avoid buying the game again.

    Besides, if you know someone who owns the game from an online shop, you could simply copy the content of the lang/it_IT directory from version 2.x in your installation. With version 1.3 of the game, this is enough to add the language in the game. Apart from a few cases where the texts were changed because of game changes in V2.x, the texts will apply to your version. I checked this while transfering the files built with a partial french translation mod to Android.

  • diskhatediskhate Member Posts: 12
    Yes, the support team already told me about the alleged client update which "should" (they're not completely sure apparently) be able to update physical copies in the future; but they also told me that it isn't known when or even IF it will be possible.
    That said thank you very much for your suggestion!
    At the moment i'm playin through Siege of Dragonspear (which i'm lovin..shame about the controversy that surrounded it's release) but then i will try to do as you said (my sister has a GOG copy) and, if it works, i'll import my new character and play BG2 for the 1000th time...but for the first time in my mother language! (there already was a fanmade translation which i used once..but it was pretty incomplete and a bit incorrect here and there)

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