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Console Commands for Fast Quest Progression

*****Spoiler Alert*****
Tired of searching 90 different threads for solutions to some common bugs and console commands to speed up NPC quests, so for your pleasure here's my current list all in 1 place:

BG2 EE SoA Console commands for fast quest progression:

Multiple Strongholds Mod causing Unseeing Eye not to be offered. Short version is after you listen to Gaal's speech in the temple district a priest is supposed to approach you and ask you to come to their temple, once inside they give you the Unseeing Eye (beholder) quest. Multiple Strongholds Mod seems to prevent you getting the priest to automatically spawn, so you need to console the correct one based on your alignment.

Evil - C:CreateCreature("BHNALLA")
Neutral - C:CreateCreature("bhoisig")
Good - C:CreateCreature("bharval")

Follow created Priest to relevant Temple for quest to be offered.

Anomen Dead Sister Quest Messenger:

C:SetGlobal("SpawnTerl","Global",1) Should make him spawn, i had some glitches with using C:CreateCreature("Terl") Gave quest but game started to lag out as if the party was constantly trying to go back to speak to him, so advise 1st command.

Once the sister issue has been resolved, trigger Anomens Judgement with
C:CreateCreature("kayl1") he'll be asked to attend the temple and either be Knighted or enraged depending on the resolution.

Jaheira Quests:

Enter the downstairs part of the Sea's Bounty Tavern in Docks District and Baron Ployer will curse her, should not need any console commands to speed this up, but worth noting that the Disease she is inflicted with which usually requires 3x 8 Hr rests to cure after the quest is finished, but can be Bypassed by using the Harpers Hold quest. She will leave the party after Dermin appears for the 2nd time and you rest outside, the part where you get the note, when you rescue her from the Harpers compound she rejoins w/o the disease. This is merely a suggestion to save you wasting a "game day" on resting when you have to rest once for her to leave and get the note anyway as part of the Harpers Hold quest chain.

Harpers Hold console commands:

Need to be outside, not in the city for the following to work, usually do it in D'Arnise Keep area since it's closest.

C:SetGlobal("DerminAppear","GLOBAL",1) Should work every time you need him to turn up, assuming previous steps completed.


C:SetGlobal("TerminselAppear","GLOBAL",1) to avoid him taking forever to turn up for the final step. Be warned your Reputation will determine whether she gets the Harper Pin + XP reward, rep can be a lot lower if you are romancing, i believe 10+ for Romance, 16+ otherwise.

Edwin Quests:

C:SetGlobal("EdwinScroll","GLOBAL",1) to trigger both steps of the scroll decyphering. 1st for Xp then 2nd time for him to become Edwina.

C:SetGlobal("DegardanSpawn","GLOBAL",1) Again repeat twice, 1st time he appears do not betray Edwin, 2nd time he turns Edwin back who then attacks him.

Jan Quest:

C:CreateCreature("beeloo") Should be all you need to start the quest.

Mazzy Quest:

This can be a bit glitchy, perhaps depending on whether you have her in the party when you kill the Shade Lord or come back after to free her. Apparently Danno will not show up in some areas, i usually go to Trademeet or Imnesvale.

After this you *may* need to spawn danno C:CreateCreature("Danno") if he doesn't appear automatically.

Nalia Quest:

C:CreateCreature("naliames") to get funeral request
C:CreateCreature("Isaea") to get her abducted

Dorn Quest:

C:SetGlobal("OHD_terpfendlg","GLOBAL",2) Should get him to start the quest to find the Helm camp after you have ruined the wedding for the 1st part of his quest.

Hexxat Quest:

Damn i hate this chicks quest, so many bugs and long waits...

After you free her and she rejoins at the Copper Coronet, Cabrina is *supposed* to show up at night, in Athkatla (possibly not the Graveyard district)

C:CreateCreature("ohhcabri") will spawn her, but she doesn't always interact if you use that.
C:SetGlobal("ohh_cabrinatimer","GLOBAL",1) may work if the above line doesn't.
C:SetGlobal("Ohh_Cabrina","GLOBAL",1) may be needed before you spawn her.

After completing the Leopards Claw Quest she is supposed to turn up after a week, again, in Athkatla, at night, possibly not in the Graveyard. Getting her to appear and actually take the fuggin claw w/o waiting required much trial and error.

C:SetGlobal("Ohh_Cabrina","GLOBAL",6) Appeared to be the correct flag to get her to take the claw and offer the Shroud of the Undying quest.
C:CreateCreature("ohhcabri") once again to get her to appear after you've set the flag.

Cabrina should turn up at the Copper Coronet to take the Shroud and finish SoA Hexxat's quests.

Notes on other quests:

Plenty of others have time requirements, but messing about with the Global Variables can cause many problems not immediately apparent potentially leading to crashes or corrupt files.

Some issues i have found are with the Ranger Stronghold quest, possibly because i tend to play Evil Characters and even with the Multiple Stronghold patch, and even if i do all the "good" options, it will just remove the stronghold from me w/o any warning. 1st i know of it is when i go back to see if the Mayor has a new quest for me since there is a known issue with the Child appearing then walking straight off w/o interacting with the party, instead of telling you to come back to Imnesvale to help them. I spent ages trying to console back my Cabin so i could finish the quest line w/o success, i read that it can be a good idea to simply chain-rest w/o leaving the Village until you get the complete quest line finished as a possible alternative if this keeps happening, and you are lucky enough to have kept an earlier save.

Personally i have never had a problem with the Paladin Stronghold, even being Evil, but as a rule i prefer to complete Anomen's and Dorn's quests before i get it, just incase either of their quest lines get bugged or it messes things up with the Stronghold.

Neera's quest has a few issues, you need to make sure you accept her into the party when you meet her in the Hidden Forest, otherwise you can't get into the Hidden Refuge. The implication from the text options are that you clear the Forest on your own and meet her there...not the case, at least not w/o massive console command tweaking.

The Where's Wilson quest from the Hidden Refuge is actually completed during Rasaads quest line, which you have to complete fully, and given that the Refuge quests cannot be handed in after the Attack by the Order it kinda means you need to bring Neera and Rasaad along for Rasaads quest, if you want to complete Where's Wilson anyway.

All other quests that i have not mentioned either do not have timers or console commands required, at least not in my experience.

Obviously there is a huge amount that you can do with the console commands, but this list is merely to help players like me who wish to know how to speed through time consuming NPC quests so they get the sense of completion, but w/o the often ludicrous waiting to do the quests "legitimately".

If i miss-typed anything or some commands are wrong let me know and i'll Edit.



  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 15,165
    Thanks for the list and the time you took to create it!

  • ZephiriusZephirius Member Posts: 2
    I killed the dudes in strohms tomb in firkraags lair. Snatched the sword and shield. Then jaheria and aerie died. I quick saved anyway thinking that she dropped said treasure but their nowhere to be found.
    Is their a console command for the sword and shield?
    How do you even bring up the console?

  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 346
    edited March 2017
    dbl post

    Post edited by Borek on
  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 346
    Zephirius said:

    I killed the dudes in strohms tomb in firkraags lair. Snatched the sword and shield. Then jaheria and aerie died. I quick saved anyway thinking that she dropped said treasure but their nowhere to be found.
    Is their a console command for the sword and shield?
    How do you even bring up the console?

    That details how to activate the console if CTRL + Space does not bring it up in game. Note you may need to google a specific OS/game version if this one isn't matching yours (Win10 game version 2.0 is the video).

    Once you get the console activated via CTRL + Space type in:

    C:CreateItem("shld21") for the Dragon Scale Shield
    C:CreateItem("sw1h32") for Peridan the Dragon Slayer Sword.

    The items should appear in your backpack for your main character so check you have room 1st.

    A tip for that part of the dungeon is to place a couple of Skull Traps in the middle of the room before you loot the shield and sword, thins the herd a little for the fight :#

  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 346
    A few extra commands that may be useful.

    For peeps that want the stat increases from the books in BG1, but do not have access to EEKeeper:

    C:CreateItem("book03") Con book
    C:CreateItem("book04") Str book
    C:CreateItem("book05") Dex book
    C:CreateItem("book06") Int book
    C:CreateItem("book07") Cha book
    C:CreateItem("book08",3) Wis book with 3 charges

    Note that the books will be generated w/o being identified and it is likely you won't have sufficient Lore to identify and use them at the start of the game, so use the following to make 6 identify scrolls, non-magic users should hand them to Imoen to use.


    Tired of re-rolling 90 million times at character creation screen for those uber stats? Simply CTRL + 8 at the stat roll page to get 18/100 Str with 18 in all other stats (you can then +/- to match racial maximums).

  • lolienlolien Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,458
    Good work on quest commands!

  • EmeusEmeus Member Posts: 61
    You sir, have helped me a lot, thank you!

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