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Questions about the party building (please avoid too much of spoilers)

So my playtrough on the hardest possible difficulty + SCS on the stage where my avatar is need to build a party (right after the start location is explored).
I have some difficult to make a choice:

1) China Monk (Rashaad) - of course my party is need for a char with a cold head, and which will have no hesitation when the time to protect the innocents and stop the evil will come. Rashaad must be.

2) Well, my party is need somebody who can open locks, search for traps, etc - I have a little choice, Garrick or Safana - well I don't like them both (coz' I don't like thieves that hurting innocent NPC, liers etc), but my choices torched into this Safana, at least she is a real Thief but not a song-singer like a Garrick (I have nothing against bards, but in this case Thief has won).

But whom I need to take with my avatar next? Those neutral guys - Khalid and Jaheira, well obviously my party is need fo' healer! And both, Jaheira and Khalid showed their competence in the time when I have horrific battles in BG1:EE, such as against overpowered skeleton in the Ulcaster' Skool, or those killing machine - Aec'Latex (my party from BG1:EE - Imoen, Jaheira, Khalid, China monk, and the Knight forgot his name).
But what about those Denaheira and Minsk and Boo, of course the are formidable, and well concerned against evil and injustice (especially Boo :P), but I don't know. In addition my party laready have not so bad magician - Diviner (Avatar), of course two magicians is a horrific power! But I don't want to make a life of Denaheira and her friends so hard, and I don't want to grab them into danger along with my avatar (well I know what will happens in BG2, but still... they deserves a moment of peace.), in addition only Denaheira have a "cold enough" head, I have nothing against Minsk and Boo, but they both, little bit, ... they both have a small amount of temptation.

If I will take Safana + Rashaad, I have only three places left, so + Jaheira and Khalid, and the only one place is left. I hope I will meet somebody formidable for this place. Corwin (Like a Corben Dallas from the "5th Element" lol..) is a very strong indeed, and the soldier that concerned on her duty is right what I need for my avatar's mission! Too poor that she is not recruitable. Her skills with a bow, showed it's effectiveness when my avatar Safana and Corwin has been attacked by thieves on the city streets where my magician cannot use a single spell! due to danger to harm innocents.. that was horrific fight, in addition this civilian NPC many-many times blocked my avatar's way = reload :( coz my avatar usually falls after 1-2 hits. Anyway 5x "Wand of Fear" + 1x "Detect Invisibility" + lot of Corwin's arrows, and nobody has been harmed except those attackers - this soldier was indeed a very effective and.


Thanx for the answers.


  • frostyshfrostysh Member Posts: 42
    And another thing - I have found a place in the "Three Old Kegs" - 1st floor, right room from the main entrance, where my avatar has been stucked multiple time, and I have used a many clicks of mouse to release him... This is a bug someking.


    Also I have saw a few NPC on the small parapet,


    is this a new-how of SoD? Coz' I don't remember such stuff in the previous BG-series, anyway looks ok.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 15,121
    Without giving away spoilers the best advice will be to continue playing - these questions about who is recruitable and when will be solved as you play the expansion further.

  • frostyshfrostysh Member Posts: 42
    Well I like to choose a party, and then a journey begins! But not to restructure my party in the middle of the game, as those crazy russians saying "Koney na perepravi ne menyaut" (koney - horses, na- on, perepravi - Idkn, a river-cross, ne - don't, no, menyaut - when somebody changin something), but blast that :P, I will take Safana, and I will search for Jaheira and Khalid, as one of the Duces said to my avatar, and I hope "Corben Dallas" will follow my party too.

  • frostyshfrostysh Member Posts: 42
    My mini party have successfully explored the city areas - omg omg, what you have done with my old party :( . It is like a tradition, in the any new version of BG, the developers messing with the characters/potential party members. Well, at least it is not so sad as on the beginning of the BG2, but still .... Who will protect my avatar till he will cast horrible-horrible fireball at horrible-horrible monster, huh?
    The main question - to take the Dynaheira & Co with the party or not to take, I don't want to get them into troubles, but my low hp magician without a protection of formidable fighters will fall like a straw... ;/ .

    P.S. My avatar finished many quests, and the almost all of them have few variants to solve it, I think to give an ability to make a choice for the player - is great! City in general is looks ok too.

  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 4,614
    Who you can recruit into your party is going to change a lot as you play through the game. There will be more choices later. Early on, you're pretty much railroaded into taking Safana, Corwin, Minsc, and Dynaheir. Once you leave the starting area, a few more choices will be introduced, and then several more choices will come up in mid-game.

  • frostyshfrostysh Member Posts: 42
    Safana is going to rest for now, I don't think that she may be very happy when my avatar will led the party into blood hell battles with horrible monsters, like it usually happens. I have found some replacement for her, not very good too, but at least this replacement is looking for troubles :), and where you can find a more horrible troubles but with a party that have a goal to defeat such dangerous enemies. About Boo & Co - I have not decided yet, I don't want to involve them into troubles, but they seems joined to all those events, so I do not know - on pending state with them, for now they are not in the party. About this Married Neutrals - well If I will have opportunity to take them, Idkn, they have completed task of Gorion, and helped to my avatar to get trough those long and dangerous path to the Armored Figure (poor Khalid, he have obtain so many wound in Durlag's Tower, and poor Jaheira - remember her fight with those acursed overpowered moron from Ulcaster's Skool...), and bring a justice save the innocent, and restore the order. So I think they deserved for a rest awhile... And of course for such dangerous mission my avatar have Cold Headed soldier - this is right what the party need for! Well I have even picked those horrible-horrible pity magician... Well of course I have very desire to blow up him with a fireball instead, but seems the goals of those miserable evil NPC "align" with the goals of the mission (I hope so, and I hope this NPC will not make something insane and evil...), well at least if he will be close to my avatar, under sight, he can do no harm to Boo & Co. I hope my avatar will not regret about this decision.
    So for now my party is like that - many different characters, with a different goals and methods, but with the same desire to end those madness.

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