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2.3 Half-Elf Berserker/Barbarian Bug

rashkaerashkae Member Posts: 128
Since I haven't seen anyone else mention this, I'm guessing there aren't many players who play that particular combination. Regardless, since the 2.3 patch, Half-Elf Berserkers, (and Barbarians) are not immune to the Dire Charm spell cast by the Sirines while enraged. Since I've only replicated this with HE, I'm guessing, (pure speculation on my part) that the problem is related to the HE charm resitance.. (ie, if the character fails their resistance check, the code skips the immunity status and goes right to charmed)

Hoping someone who knows their way around the spl files will be able to hot fix that one.




  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 2,137
    I can reproduce and confirm.

    It also does not appear to matter what the 2 sources of immunity are.
    Traded Enrage for the Helm of Charm Protection -> still happens.
    Traded Probability for Saving Throw -> still happens.
    Traded use EFF for direct immunity effect -> still happens.

    It only happens when 2 sources of the same immunity are present, and one of them fails (due to being saved against, probability roll, etc.), but it does not occur every time.

    No idea why its happening though.

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