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Izefia and Faldorn

So I have wondered. Whatever happens to Izefia when he asks Faldorn to take care of the wyvern trainer in Cloakwood. He SAYS, come see me after dealing with it, but is nowhere to be found. I am guessing it is an oversight of the game. Maybe one our more expert members of the community that can read in game coded responses can check on it. Always bugged me that.


  • SunderSunder Member Posts: 33
    Isn't that the guy in the cave with the Babies?
  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 145
    @Sunder The wyvern trainer is yes. Izefia is the one that charges Faldorn to 'investigate' his audacity. Izefia just disappears afterwards, as far as I can tell.
  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 235
    Izefia doesn't say that he will come later, at least not in the original game (v2.x). This is what he tells if Faldorn is in the party:
    ~Faldorn travels with you, and so you shall live to see the glory of tomorrow's sunrise. If she can stand your presence, then so shall I. Perhaps you even share her Shadow Druid temperament. If so, you will want to know this: There is a fool in a cave to the northeast that dares to enslave the animals of this wood for his petty tasks. I shall give Faldorn the honor of feeding him to his own captives.~

    This is what he says to a PC if neither Faldorn nor Jaheira are in the party (and the PC choses the right reply option): ~You display the same fervor that drives the other Shadow Druids and me. Perhaps there is merit in letting you continue. You might even prove useful. There is an infidel in a cave to the northeast of here who dares to capture creatures of the wood and bend them to his petty purposes. No doubt you would like to see him fed to his captives as much as I. Please proceed, and dispose of him at your leisure.~

    For all otherinstances, he gets hostile.
  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 145
    edited March 21
    @jastey I just met him with Faldorn and he does mention at the end of those lines to seek him out afterwards.
    Faldorn banters with him a little saying 'cubs' and he corrects her they are wyverns. Maybe this is something BGNPC project added? (Jaheira not in the group at the time) Regardless he cannot be met afterwards anywhere that I can find on the map.
  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 235
    Good find! Yes, that's supposed to be BG1NPC Project content and the dialogue to collect the quest reward is there, but Izefia is gone due to the EscapeArea() of his original dialogue. I posted a bug report in the BG1NPC forum at G3.
    It should be possible to collect the reward if you spawn izefia.cre via console and talk to him with Faldorn in the group.
  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 145
    @jastey I knew there had to be something to it. Thanks. Now if our bug fixers would hit that up.
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