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Romance import

Hi everybody

Could you possibly help me? I looked everywhere and couldn't find an answer.

(1) If the player romanced Neera in BG:EE and imported their save to SoD (or SoA), will they still be able to choose another character to romance?

(2) Conversely, if the player broke the romance in BG:EE (global variable set to -1) will it still be possible to romance the same character in the following games? What about SoD?

(3) Can I, for instance, romance Neera in BG:EE, Viconia in SoD and Neera again in BG2:EE?

Currently I have Neera ready for her final BG1 interaction, after which the romance will either be complete or broken depending on my response. And I really don't want to make a decision that will limit my options in the following games.



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