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How to install games WITHOUT the Beamdog client?

BlaveBlave Member Posts: 39
edited April 2017 in Beamdog Client
Ok, I'm probably just being stupid but where can I find the option to download my games without the Beamdog client? I got a new PC recently and now I try to re-download them.

I go to, sign in and go to my account. My games (BG:EE, BG:SoD and BG2:EE) are listed under "My Games" as they should be. But when I click on any of them, I only get the game's beamdog store page with the options to either add the game to my cart (I kinda already payed for them years ago) or download the Beamdog client which I definitely DON'T want to use.

So yeah, I now there used to be a standalone download option for those games but I can't find it. Help please?


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