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Planescape Art (spoilers)

themazingnessthemazingness Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 348
One of my favorite things about Planescape is the art. Not just for Torment, but from the D&D print materials too.

I wish I could link images directly, but copyright and all. This guy (Tony Diterlizzi) did a lot (maybe all, IDK) of the Planescape material: You can see a bunch of Planescape images on the third page of the gallery. My favorite is the Cat Lord which is on the bottom row, center of page 3.

Also, who can forget the JRPG-style magic of the video game? I put the spoiler tag on for this in case people want to see it in 4k for the first time when they play.
^This one is fun because you get to hear the voice acting and Planar Cant (Planescape dialect), both of which are a great part of the Planescape art.

Of course, soon we'll be getting much better quality videos when the Enhanced Edition is released.



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