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[MOD] Bags of Torment

argent77argent77 Member Posts: 1,665
edited April 22 in PST:EE Mods
Download: Bags of Torment (0.10-beta)

Important: Current patch version of PST:EE (v3.0.3) contains a bug that resets any container content when you enter the Modron Maze. To work around it you have to biff the content of the override folder. To do this:
  1. Download Generalized Biffing and unpack the subfolder "generalized_biffing" from the "generalized_biffing-master" folder of the archive into the game's installation directory.
  2. Download latest WeiDU, unpack the WeiDU binary and rename it to "setup-generalized_biffing.exe" (for Windows).
It can be installed at anytime before you enter the Modron Maze for the first time. There is no need to start a new game.

This mod adds a number of unique containers to the game which can be purchased from various shops or acquired by other means. One of the containers may also trigger a small quest.

The mod is available in English, German, Korean, Polish and Russian.

How to install
Unpack the mod into the root folder of the game. You can install the mod by executing the script found in the main folder of the game. For Windows execute setup-BagsOfTorment-win32.bat, for macOS execute setup-BagsOfTorment-osx.command and for Linux execute It calls the correct WeiDU binary which is included in this mod for every supported platform. I'm using this method of installation as long as there is no official WeiDU version with PST:EE support available.

Note: On Windows you may have to execute the script by right-clicking and selecting "Run as administrator" if the game has been installed in "C:\Program Files" or "C:\Program Files (x86)" to successfully install the mod.

1. Containers for PST:EE (main component)

Installs the following containers:
- Imp Leather Bag: Can be purchased from a merchant at the marketplace in the Hive.
May store up to 50 items.
- Modron Storage Crystal: Can be looted from the Evil Wizard Construct in the Modron Maze.
Hint: Killing the construct quickly might pay off in an unexpected way.
May store up to 200 items.
- Pocket Singularity: An exotic item that can be purchased from Vrischika's "Curiosity Shoppe"
at Clerk's Ward. You'll have to figure out how to make it work first.
May store up to 500 items.

2. Increase storage capacity of containers (requires main component)

This tweak increases the original storage capacity to over 32000.

Important: Please do not distribute the included WeiDU binary! This is an unofficial version which contains experimental code and may contain bugs or other incompatibilities.

I have tested the mod only on Windows yet, so I would appreciate any feedback from other platforms.
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