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Issue in the Lothar quest [Some SPOILERS]

After Morte's kidnapping (poor Morte...) I went to find this Lothar. He asked for a skull. I believe I had already few noteworthy skulls with me (Acaste's skull and two more...), but when I go back to Lothar there is only one dialogue option, which is "Not yet".
Anyone can help me and poor Morte?



  • GallengerGallenger Member Posts: 358
    edited April 2017
    I did not have to leave the room for him to accept
    skull. Strange - as Acaste's should work if my memory is correct
    I checked an old walkthrough it should

    If you've got the time to be academic here are the skulls that should work:

    The Silent King. Steal it from his Throne Room.
    Stale Mary. If you ask her, she will give you her skull voluntarily, killing herself.
    Hargrimm the Bleak. You will have to kill him for it.
    Acaste. You will have to kill her for it.
    Soego. His skull should still be where Hargrimm killed him in Act 3.
    Mantouk. You will have to kill him, either by fighting him or by killing him with poisoned cheese.

    If you've got time, try those out and submit a bug report for the ones that don't work is pry how I'd go about it.

    Mayhaps in the porting of the game some of the scripting got ker-sploded for this quest.

  • filcat88filcat88 Member Posts: 115
    I have every skull now, still not working. Moving to the troubleshooting section.

  • filcat88filcat88 Member Posts: 115
    got it now. Problem solved thanks!!!

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