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Over Powered (Friendly Discussion)

Evening Folks.
Having never really taken a Cava fully from BG1 through TOB; I'm now early/mid SoA and my Cavalier is literally ripping enemies apart. With a few buffs, hes eating Liches for breakfast. Granted hes now got the equivalent of a slightly weaker Carsomyr (In Halberd form, thanks to @Tresset :smile: Thanks dude!) after I cheesed SCS Imp Firkraag with Skull Traps, but still. I never knew how strong a well equipped Paladin could be.

I've always been tempted some day to try Kensai/Mage, or Kensai/Thief - but I'm scared, I've never Dual Classed, I've always been a Multi-Class boy :wink:

Anyway, as title - What are some of your powerful class & equipment combos? (Not looking to upset anyone by saying Combo A is better than Combo B - I'm really enjoying actually being on a BG Forum, I could discuss BG tactics for days!)


  • SomeSortSomeSort Member Posts: 289
    Cavaliers are great. The bonuses vs. Dragons and Demons and the elemental resists are super-handy all series long. Plus, being naturally poison immune, they can stand in Cloudkills without taking damage. (Get them to 120+% fire resists and upgrade to Incendiary Clouds late game.) Inquisitors Schminsquisitors.

    Pureclass / Dual-class arcane casters are the most OP characters in SoA/ToB. Sorcerers, F>M duals, or my personal favorite, the Swash(10)>Mage dual for your basic thieving needs.

    Dwarven Defenders are kind of ridiculous. 70% on-demand damage resistance just for showing up, (90% with DoE), Shorty Saves, (basically +5 to Death, Wand, and Spell, plus an additional +2 to everything with Defensive Stance up), +27 HP (18 from the class, 9 from the dwarven constitution bonus), and their "drawback" is they lose out on 1/2 APR for forfeiting grandmastery. Boo freaking hoo.

    If one could easily multiclass kits, (yes I know there's a mod), a Wizard Slayer / Swashbuckler multi would be the craziest cheese ever. Massive damage, THACO, APR, and fighter HLAs for physical battles, on-demand disruption and easy magic immunity for magic battles, plus Time Stop and Spike Traps for why the hell not. All with literally no drawbacks past 3m XP.
  • pabramspabrams Member Posts: 6
    edited April 17
    I used to do a plain Sorceror with a Staff. These days I'm doing Kensai/Mage with Katanas. In either case, Robe of Vecna.
  • pabramspabrams Member Posts: 6
    edited April 17
    @SomeSort Wait, how do you get Time Stop on a Wizard Slayer / Swashbuckler?

    Swash/Mage sounds interesting, except then I wouldn't have much reason for keeping a thief NPC like Jan, or Imoen, or that EE chick, or one of the custom ones.
  • SomeSortSomeSort Member Posts: 289
    pabrams said:

    @SomeSort Wait, how do you get Time Stop on a Wizard Slayer / Swashbuckler?

    Sorry, lack of clarity on my part. "Time Stop and Spike Traps" was intended as "(Time Stop and Spike) Traps" and supposed to read as "Time Stop Traps and Spike Traps".
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 2,043
    Blades, full stop. Really bards are stupid overpowered.
    I was never a fan of dual classes myself, much preferring multis, but they can be incredibly powerful, trading mid game usefullness for late game win buttons. The most overpowered build I ever did was probably my EEKeepered half orc Kensai/mage multiclass. Good times.
  • GallengerGallenger Member Posts: 306
    I played a Fighter/Mage multi recently - of the melee using variety. Although I was able to clear ToB, it got *a lot* harder than I expected it to, given how face-roll awesome the character had been for so long. I suppose that's the power creep of the multi finally falling off lol. The main issue is I just didn't have enough 2nd and 4th level slots to keep refilling when my stoneskin/mirror images wore off, and my stupid huge AC didn't really matter anymore in melee - so once my gimmicks ran out I was up a creek.

    I would also say a single class wild mage is *extremely* powerful late game and even earlier game if you play your cards right due to your ability to memorize any spell you want in a first level slot and have a *reasonable* chance of it not ending in disaster - and when it does you get a good laugh.

    I still went through the entire game and never saw a flaming cow :(


    Whenever threads like this come up I'm taken back to when the game first came out - I remember there were *so* many advocates stating that the very best class in the game (and mind you all multi's or duals were bad) was Ranger (granted ranged weapons rock in BG). If you said anything else you would get shouted down for being a dummy. It's funny how thinking has changed about the game - since ranger now (and pretty much only 1-2 years after release) is regarded as a middling to low powered option.
  • tbone1tbone1 Member Posts: 339
    edited April 18
    One of my favorite characters was a cavalier who could wield Carsomyr or dual the Flail of the ages with Crom Fayr. I took Aerie along as my Damsel in Distress (or maybe Datdress, the one with the blue sequins) and Imoen out of honor & integrity. I should have named him The Tick and recorded Patrick Warburton roles for the voiceovers.
  • SomeSortSomeSort Member Posts: 289
    ThacoBell said:

    Blades, full stop. Really bards are stupid overpowered.
    I was never a fan of dual classes myself, much preferring multis, but they can be incredibly powerful, trading mid game usefullness for late game win buttons. The most overpowered build I ever did was probably my EEKeepered half orc Kensai/mage multiclass. Good times.

    I think too many people confuse "dual classes" with "high-level duals". The latter involve a lot of mid-game pain for some extra late-game payoff. But low-level duals are pretty phenomenal on their own, too. A level 7/9 fighter dual, or a level 10 swashbuckler dual, or a level 9 Cleric dual gets you a lot of extra bonuses vs. a single-class character at very little XP cost, at least in BG2 terms.

    (They all involve playing all or most of BG1 as the "wrong" class. On the other hand, one could easily do something really basic like a Fighter(3) dual and have it unlocked before you're done clearing out the basilisk garden in BG1, forfeiting the extra class APR but gaining access to the fighter's improved equipment selection and proficiency tables. Or if you're willing to grind a bit more in BG1, something like a Fighter(7)>Druid dual is achievable by TotSC XP cap.)

    The Swash(10) dual, for instance, "wastes" 160k XP in your thief class, and in return gets you +3 AC, +2 THACO/damage, thief equipment options (if you're dualing to mage), and 265 thief points to spend. Swash/Mage is totally unlocked by 535k XP, which is still pretty early in chapter 2, (fresh out of Chateau Irenicus, actually, if you stole a bunch of scrolls before you dualed and scribed them all immediately after).

    Even something like a Priest of Lathander (11) > Mage, which is a mid-level dual, requires 1.42m XP to unlock and will therefore probably be fully realized before you're sailing for Spellhold, unless you're rushing.

    But yeah, waiting to level 13 before dualing your fighter is going to result in really long downtimes and a pretty mediocre mid-game experience.
  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 70
    A lot depends on which mods, if any, you run and what your preferred playstyle is. I usually play solo, just taking NPC's to do their quests then dismissing them, so that limits the class choices somewhat since it's extremely painful without thief skills at several points. Also being solo whatever i play is essentially making 6x the XP compared to a full group resulting in single class and many dual/multi options becoming way over-leveled at the end of SoA even with XP cap removed.

    FMT is probably the easiest option, even if you do every side quest you should only just reach the level 50 cap by the very end of ToB. I had a lotta fun with a 36 Wizard Slayer dualled to Thief, took forever to unlock 1st class, but by the time i did i was basically running 120%+ Magic resistance whilst greater whirlwinding with +6 Carsomyr and had the option to use scrolls for additional potency, not that it was really needed, pretty much invincible.

    Tried a FMC and had great fun, lower resistance and harm is a truly OP combination haha.

    As for gear then anything Wizardy definitely needs robe of Vecna, amulet of power also well worth it, you really can't beat that cast time reduction, beyond useful, so easy to get spells disrupted w/o it. Also highly recommend using the Shadow Thieves Merchant to sell and buy-back (or steal) a variety of wands, so you get them with either 50 or 100 charges depending on type, means you can go nuts with cloudkill, Fear, Sleep, Paralysis and fireball/Scorcher without needing to memorize spells to do any of that, as long as you leave 1 charge left you can just recharge by selling and re-buying/stealing.

    Daystar is probably the most obscene weapon for the early game, you can get it immediately after leaving Irenicus' Dungeon, just need a Thief to pick the lock, grab it and leave, the Lich will waste time pre-buffing and you can just return later since he won't leave his broom cupboard.

    Celestial Fury is ludicrous if you can get it, but it's a really tough fight, very few enemies are immune to stun and if you put it on a high APR fighter it can trivialize many encounters.

    But by far my favourite weapon is the Staff of the Magi, unless you are fighting one of the few enemies that sees through invisibility or someone casts true sight you can literally mow through entire encounters doing cheesy hit once (dispelling magic at the same time) then going invisible, repeating until everything is dead. It even strikes as a +5 weapon and gives +2 AC when equipped, although the damage is not that amazing. Again like Celestial Fury it is a hard encounter to get it, but with some careful positioning and preparation it's far from impossible at mid-levels.
  • VitharVithar Member Posts: 61
    Dark Moon Monk + + detect illusion.
  • blackchimesblackchimes Member Posts: 323
    So far down the thread and no mention of Berserker/Cleric...

    Even Berserker on his own is pretty ridiculous. The largest threat to a Fighter are disabling spells and effects(damage can just be tanked) and Enrage makes you immune to almost all of them at the press of a button. Especially important for the main character, when Charm or Maze simply ends the game. The actual fighting bonuses are kind of secondary to this.

    Combine it with a Cleric since they can cast in heavy armor and cover whatever Enrage doesn't with spells. Blunt weapon limitation? Bludgeoning damage is best in the games in general, and warhammers are great both in BG and BG2/ToB. +4/5/6 Wisdom you normally don't know what to do with becomes a fantastic bonus for a Cleric because it gives you extra spell slots. And even if you do run out of spells, well... you are still at least a level 13 Berserker in full plate.
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