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Some mod conundrums

LuddifierLuddifier Member Posts: 5

I recently started my 4th playthough of this wonderfully epic game, but ran into some problems with some of my mods. Effectively this will mean I will have to make a new install.

These are my questions:

Conflict between “Dearnise romance” and “NPC strongholds”

My character is a female fighter mage cleric. When Nalia offered me the Dearnise stronghold and I should have been able to accept or decline the request, I only got “NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS” which just shut down the dialogue.

I am pretty sure this is a result of me having installed both the “Dearnise romance” and “NPC strongholds” mod. I tested uninstalling the dearnise romance mod, and while that avoided the “NO VALID…” line, it resulted in Nalia not seeing me as “much of a fighter” and I even had Jaheira in the party when this happened, as I understand it she should be eligible for running the keep through the NPC stronghold mod.

Since I am reinstalling, I think I will uninstall both mods. The dearnise romance mod is recommended by the BWS and I have had it installed before without it causing problems but since I play as a female I can't partake in the romance anyway. The idea of NPCs running strongholds is tantalizing, but I also find several of the strongholds fulfilling when run by my PC, and I want to be able to start the stronghold quests whenever, regardless of what NPCs I have access to in earlier chapters.

I wonder if the NPC stronghold mod is worth running though? I got some interesting interactions when Yoshimo interacted with Renal bloodscalp about his “independence” but I have heard some interactions are more fitting than others. Overall, I just want to avoid the headache of mod conflicts and potential bugs as far as it is possible.

Viconia friendship conflicts/overlaps with romancing Viconia?

I installed the Viconia friendship, but now remember that some of her story developments may trigger earlier from her friendship developments when both romancing AND befriending her. I kinda want both interactions, since Viconia is my favorite NPC in any Bioware game. Is there always gonna be overlap when both romancing and befriending Viconia with the friendship mod installed? Should I remove the friendship mod if I am romancing Viconia?

Imoen romance mod along with Imoen friendship mod

On a smilar note, will it overlap if installing the Imoen friendship mod and Imoen romance mod?

Multiple romances cheat with romance mods is an invitation to bugs & headache?

So I have the haer dalis, Sarevok and Imoen romance mods. I have heard that it is highly recommended to NOT romance multiple canon bioware NPCs when running romance mods since this will most likely cause “stutter” as the mod NPC will interact badly with the “check for romance end” variable. I want to clarify if this is the case, since I really want to romance all the bioware NPCs this time, but also really want to try out these romance mods.

The tactics mod

I love making the game harder through the Sword Coast STratagems mod, but unfortunately the creator removed one of my favorite components: the improved final Irenicus fight. I understand it was taken from the “tactics” mod which contain several really difficult encounters, but unfortunately the BWS editor recommends to not install this mod, as it is very old and currently isn’t maintained by anyone.

I love the way the tactics mod increases difficulty, in improving several key encounters in the game. SCS does this too and several other things that greatly improves the feel of the game, but lacks some of the encounters from the tactics mod. Can someone clarify if it is that risky that I think it is to install the tactics mod? I really, really want some of the encounters from this mod, and was really disappointed that the final irenicus battle improvement was removed from SCS, but don’t quite dare install the tactics mod.

Ajantis and Keto mod asks about patches in the beginning of the BWS setup

Ajantis and Keto NPC mod are prompted for patching in the beginning of the installation due to their versions being more recent than BWS have registered. Is this a big problem? I think I pressed "Y" for patching, and it was just rejected.

Why is the "remove party's items in spellhold" marked red?

I played with this in my last playthrough and it worked exactly as it said it would.

Would appreciate answers to these questions as I want to try to start the new installation of the game as soon as possible.


  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,067
    Ajantis NPC for BGII mod or the Ajantis BG1 Expansion Mod?
    Which version of Ajantis mod?

  • DymeDefDymeDef Member Posts: 66
    edited January 2018
    That's common about BWS not having the latest version. It uses the website and download link for the mod, and whenever it gets updates needs to update it's file size in the BWS ini. You can safely ignore this unless the mod in questions has undergone drastic changes and needs it's ini redone. Most mod Authors are understanding that BWS is not being maintained by anyone, just the communjiry so the majority will avoid making any changes like that.

    As for the Red marker for some mods, it doesn't only mean they are considered possibly buggy, but that they are simply an expert install. Many contain bugs or overwrite files iirc, but some are also just not recommended for most players so they are marked as such.

    Haha, sorry about the necro, that's what I get for browsing a forum super tired and wake up to a post I was interested in lol.

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