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Evil Aerie Mod

limalama45limalama45 Member Posts: 32

Just thought I would ask out there as I have looked through the internet and can't seem to find anything.

Does anyone know of any Evil Aerie Mods? Where she changes alignment and channels the hate/despair in her and rather whine about it. I like Aerie for when I am playing a good character but going to run through with a Chaotic Neutral character once I am finished with my Paladin and taking a mix of the "loons" from Baldur's Gate but I want to take Aerie in BG2 and would love to have her just loose control!

My only option was to change her portrait and alignment using EE Keeper half way through and just do it in my head as such but would love to know if there was a mod out there somewhere, which already does it!



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