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Neera Global Variables

Wondering if anybody can help...
My Neera quest bugged ages ago, I met her at the Bridge district where she rescued the child, then when she was meant to talk to me in between travelling I had to disable that meeting by playing with a Global Variable OHN_NEERA_RENC, as the encounter kept crashing. I think I've found what mod was causing the bug there.

Is anyone aware of how to reset her? (I've been playing around with the above variable to no avail)


  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 6,037
    Sorry I didn't notice this sooner. Could you upload your save file so I can look at it tomorrow?
  • Necroscope86Necroscope86 Member Posts: 79
    Thanks @Tresset bud - but I did manage to kind of fix it. I couldnt get the interlude play again, but, I spawned Neera with C:CreateCreature("NEERA11") I think it was, and did MoveToArea("OH6000") which is the Wild Forest - and from there the whole quest played out fine.
    Also, your Celestial Grace is still smiting evil left right and centre ;)
  • shar34shar34 Member Posts: 1
    edited June 15
    Hey @Necroscope86, could you tell me what mod caused the bug? I'm getting it myself and it caused me to stop playing the game year ago. I wanted to continue my playthrough, and finally I found that someone had the same problem I have.
    And did this mod caused any more problems anywhere else?
    Still, thanks for sharing the global variable and the way you dealt with the problem later, I'll use it myself.
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