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There and back again...a Planescape save file story (IOS -> PC -> IOS)

urthmoverurthmover Member Posts: 3
I can successfully start a game on IOS, then save the game and export using the tap-hold method on the quick save button. Next, I save the 000000001-Quick-Save.pstsave to a network file share using IOS app called FileBrowser.

On my PC, I rename 000000001-Quick-Save.pstsave to and decompress the archive into the local planescape save directory (on my PC).

The game starts up correctly using the save from the IOS device.

I then play the game on the PC and save it.

I then compress the save directory as a .zip and rename it as a .pstsave and copy the .pstsave to the network file share.

Now on the IOS device, I use FileBrowser to navigate to the network file share, use "Open In" on the .pstsave file and select Planescape.

Sadly when Planescape on IOS opens, the "newly imported" save file is not present in the Load Game menu.

Is my procedure valid? Is there something that needs to be changed for PC -> IOS save games to work?

Thanks in advance


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