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Bandoth and Dver's Note

I've played through IWD dozens of times, but I just found a really interesting piece of reactivity that I'd never stumbled across before. I searched the internet for it and all I could find was a very old post from 2003 on Sorcerer's Place that was never resolved. So now I'm really curious.

Bandoth is the mage in Dorn's Deep who is most famous for his bugged quest and his bad attitude. In my most recent run I realized I'd forgotten to grab his scrolls until after I'd advanced a bit, and when I returned to him I found a new dialogue option I'd never seen before.

Me: I found a dead body with a note that mentioned something about an evil disturbance in the area. Do you know anything about this?
Bandoth: Come to think of it, I have felt something peculiar in the air of late. An evil disturbance, you say? And you found this down below?
Me: Yes, on both counts.
Bandoth: I... I... I can only imagine one thing that would cause a disturbance so powerful as to allow you and I to feel it. If you excuse me, I need to uh, locate something.
Me: No problem.
*Then Bandoth leaves*

(Side note: there's also some interesting dialogue about Saablic Tan if you've advanced that far, though I'd seen that before.)

After some trial and error, I've confirmed that it's Dver's Note that is triggering the dialogue. (Dver's Note is on the body at the bottom of the table puzzle stairs.) But now I'm really curious. What is the thing Bandoth decides to go locate? Will I ever see him again? Has anyone else ever come across this?



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