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Can't Load SoD save files in SoD

Ploughed_JesterPloughed_Jester Member Posts: 93
edited May 2017 in Troubleshooting
Hey, anyone have experience with this?

Full details: I was playing Siege of Dragonspear just fine... saves as normal etc. everything works. I make quicksaves and a regular save at the end of every session. I was playing today, the game crashed, and I accidentally opened BGEE instead of SoD and hit continue. It loaded my pre-Sarevok final fight save. Annoying but no harm. Close. Open SoD... and continue loads that save same presarevok save... annoying... quit and pull up the load option... No SoD saves are present/loadable/selectable/etc... annoying... Quit game. Check SoD Save folder in docs. It's present... all saves are still there. I refuse to restart as I'm at bridgefort already. The game crashed during the whole "hey there's 3 dead bodies" quest after you call a spade a spade. Any more detail than that would be a spoiler, I believe.

So... what the flip? Anybody know how to fix this? I can't access any of my SoD saves and it's really frustrating. Checked the forum and only found post update issues, similar but not the same... and also trolled at this point so I created a new thread. Sorry if it's a dupe. Couldn't find the answer anywhere but may not have the best search terms.

Thanks for the assistance.


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