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Mod Compatibility (BG1EE, SoD, BG2EE, Modmerge, SCS, BG Tweakpack, Ascension)

Livegood118Livegood118 Member Posts: 48
Hi everyone,

I apologise if this has been asked before but it doesn't seem as if there's a thread that contains a consolidated guide on how to get the following mods running. A lot of the information out there I've had to put together from different sources on this forum. My last playthrough was around two years ago and things seem to have gotten a bit more complicated since SoD and the Ascension Beta came out (this is actually the first time I'll be playing the game with SoD and Ascension!)

Can anyone confirm that the install process below is correct for a PC running Windows 10?

Anyway, here goes:

BG1 Install process

1. Install clean versions of BG1EE and SoD from Steam, allow to patch fully as applicable
2. Install and run the modmerge utility (
3. Install SCS v30 (
4. Install BG2 Tweak Pack (
5. Play!

BG2 Install Process

1. Install clean versions of BG2EE and ToB from Steam, allow to patch fully as applicable
2. Install Ascension 1.5 Beta (
3. Download SCS and apply the fix as per page 2 of the Ascension Thread (
4. Install SCS v30 (
5. Install BG2 Tweak Pack (
6. Play!

Thanks to anyone taking the time to read this. I really appreciate all that the modding community has done to improve these games but don't want to run in to any gamebreaking bugs – it happened to me once on a playthrough and I got all the way to ToB and the game broke and I was heartbroken.


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