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Left over quest items

I have some left over quest items in after completing Lower Level 1of Durlag's Tower. Specfically, a strange key and a bottle of wine. Can I drop or sell these when I go back to town ( Beregost) to reduce inventory bloat?


  • PaulaMigratePaulaMigrate Member Posts: 1,201
    The only item you need from Durlag's Tower is the soultaker dagger from the Demon Knight (the one some dwarf in Ulgoth's Beard asked you to find). Everything else is disposable.

  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    Everything from Durlag's Tower except what @PaulaMigrate mentioned (inside her spolier tags) is disposable, but some items are (of course!) excellent gear which you'll want to keep and use.

    Specifically regarding the strange key and wine ... they're of no further use once you've finished with Durlag's Tower. Sell if you find a buyer (although so far as a I recall, there isn't a buyer), or just dump them. (Although ... hmmm ... I thought the strange key disappeared when you used it, so I'm wondering if you finished fully ... but maybe I'm mis-remembering.)

  • gorris75gorris75 Member Posts: 54
    ok. i thought I finished it fully, but I will check. Thanks for the help.

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