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Where Can I Pick Up Some XP On A Solo Run

I currently have 740936 XP and need 750000 to reactivate my S/B class. I don't think I'm that good so lets take that on board as well.

So I have completed,

the circus quest,
upper floor of the skinner quest
returning the bear to welyn
the first part of the slaver CC quest,
Buried alive chap in the graveyard
Met Jan
rescued Renfield for the Harpers and watched Xzar being killed,
Umar hills mimic

Anybody got any good ideas for where I can pick up that last 10,000 XP?
I don't want to do to much where I'm running traps because I like being able to disarm them, same with locks.

Rescuing Viconia, does that give some extra XP apart from the killing the guards?

Thanks for any ideas.



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