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The Dwarves of Dumathoin quest cannot be complete

SystemSystem Administrator Posts: 124
This discussion was created from comments split from: [SPOILER] Quest: Dwarves of Dumathoin.


  • StephCordStephCord Member Posts: 2
    I am having the same problem where I have killed the litch, collected the pletcharchy, ran to the fire room, killed litch again, killed fire monsters, put pletcharchy on the ground, activated the portal, get the message that it's gone but the litch may still be alive, kill the litch again - now I'm out of dwarven help but no matter how many times I kill him, he keeps reappearing. I can't get out cause the exit is blocked but the quest doesn't actually end!!! Been doing my head in!!!

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 15,948
  • StephCordStephCord Member Posts: 2
    Thank you :) I also realised I'm getting this message when killing the pletcharchy, so I don't know if I'm being dense about something.
    I went back to the room where all the pletcharchys were and there was nothing there?

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,595
    edited July 2017
    Please could you also attach the associated gam file or zip the entire 00000nnnn-savename folder and attach that.

    From the message and your comment though, the issue is likely that you are putting the phylactory down. Try keeping it in your inventory and clicking the broken portal.

    & if you don't have an earlier save and cannot find the phylactory, you can use the following console command to create a new on (or ask for one to be added if you attach the remainder of your save).

    I'll check where it should go, and if it gets there - hard to tell as I tested by jumping to the area without doing any pre-requisite steps.

  • LazarusNineLazarusNine Member Posts: 44
    edited January 25
    I’m suffering from a similar issue (on iPad). I ‘interact’ with the fire portal, which then initiates the placement of the phylactory. The lich gets angry and has his dialogue. I receive XP and gold, but the mystical barrier is still up, preventing me from leaving the area. The lich briefly resurfaces and then disintegrates. I’m attacked with a cloud spell and web, but there is no enemy to select. After the effects wear off, I wander all throughout the dungeon to see if the lich will reappear, but he does not. I’m effectively trapped and my quest log has not updated. Any ideas?

    UPDATE: I think I’ve discovered what causes this issue after loading a previous save in which I hadn’t yet spoken to the lich after chatting with the dwarves (who task you with killing him). If you speak to the lich and agree to find the five amulets, but then decide to destroy him without initiating any more dialogue (as I did), it seems to break the quest progression. In the quest log, you will see an objective to collect the amulets but also one to find and destroy the phylactory. If you destroy the phylactory, the mystical barrier will not lift and you run into the problem I described above. Upon reloading my old save, I decided to just initiate combat through dialogue rather than collect the amulets. Once I did this and repeated subsequent steps, the barrier was lifted after destroying the phylactory. I suspect you’d also be fine if you accepted the amulet quest and then spoke to the lich once more to initiate combat. The problem seems to be if you initiate combat without speaking to him after accepting the amulet quest.

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