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Baldur's Gate EE Android Cheats Enabled

NoobusNoobus Member Posts: 8
I've looked all over on how to get cheats to work on android for BG EE but everything i see is from years ago & all state that you can't get the code to work right or the console to pop up & have yet to see an updated thread on this subject so I'm sorry if I'm a bit late to this.
But for those that think you can't cheat in BG EE on Android you'd be wrong.
It's the same as the PC for the most part.
You just need a keyboard that is Android compatible.

1.Find an app that opens .ini files (File Expert worked for me).
2.Open Baldur.ini file and find Program Options, the first line you see it in.
3.Go to the end of the line above the first Program Options you see and at the very end of that line hit enter.
Example of how it may look:

'Game Options','Nightmare
'Game Options','3E Thief
Sneak Attack','0',
'Program Options','Debug

'Program Options','Font

4.Hit space once and type: 'Program Options','Debug Mode','1',
5.Save the file and start game.
6.Using an android keyboard, (bluetooth works) & hit ctrl enter.

This will open the cheat command promt.
From here you're on your own, the cheats are the same as the PC other than the initial setup to use them.
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  • KargarthKargarth Member Posts: 1
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    Hey y'all, I've gone and done this, and even have the hacker's keyboard but nothing works. I would appreciate it if someone could shed some light on this for me, I'm on a Moto z4 android phone. Any idea as where I can put it so it will work, or any other ideas or thoughts?

  • MaurvirMaurvir Member Posts: 1,090
    The original post covers it - just append to the end of that file and start the game. However, I have never gotten an on-screen keyboard to work (I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2). Instead, I have a regular old Logitech BT keyboard that just works.
  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818
    Hi @Kargarth, and welcome to the forum. The original post is essentially for the baldur.ini but the commands are similar. I have pasted the command below which you can copy and paste into your baldur.lua. Within yours, you don't have a space between the Debug and Mode (ie: it looks like 'DebugMode' where it should look like 'Debug Mode'. Hope that makes sense.

    SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','Debug Mode','1')

    Having said that, it can still be a hit and miss thing. There are better ways now to access the console through the GUI.

    Extra Icon:
    Have a look here. This will make it not dependent on the keyboard combo and it doesn't require the additional entry in baldur.lua either (although it doesn't hurt to have it there). If you don't want to have the extra icon on the screen, it can be added as a long press to the 'Return to Game' (Skull on the Left hand panel - I have it here on my PC games) icon or the 'Reveal Details' (Magnifying Glass) icon on the Right Hand Panel... If you need more details, just let me know.

    Pocket Play:
    Due to using the phone, I can also recommend @Pecca's Pocket Play UI++. It made playing the game on a phone a bit more pleasant and you can access the console through the GUI. Where the page says:

    P.S.: Pressing and holding the "actionbar switch" button, next to the "select all" button in the main gameplay screen, will open the cheat menu.

    @Pecca is saying a 'long' press on the 'actionbar switch' (the double triangle) to open the console. Even though the package is zipped for a WeiDU installation, just open the .zip and copy the override folder to your game's Files folder (Android/Data/Game.../Files/override) (if you need a hand here, just ask).

    Hope any (all) of those work for you.

  • SaboCJSaboCJ Member Posts: 5
    I got an Android compatible keyboard... Now zero apps will open the damn file(cursing because frustrated not cursing at you). I absolutely hate trying to do this on my phone. Can you just make a version of the app where it's already enabled or automatically enable it with the next patch. Put a button in gameplay section. I have a headache from hell.
  • SaboCJSaboCJ Member Posts: 5
    Assistance needed.
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