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Would you buy IWD3



  • themazingnessthemazingness Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 548
    Raduziel said:

    @themazingness Yes, the Myth Drannor one. I played it once and enjoyed it more than I expected. Then I played a NWN2 mod also related to PoR and found it amazing.

    Speaking about NWN2, there are two mods that definitely deserves a stand alone game: A Hunt Through the Dark and Path of Evil. Way better than the original campaigns.

    I'll have to try those some time. I have NWN2 but I have only dabbled in it because I liked NWN's controls and UI better. I highly recommend the old PoR. Although I think the NWN2 one is a remake of it, so you may be covered there, especially since the original is a bit archaic.

  • ElendarElendar Member Posts: 831
    Needs to stay true to the IWD series in that you create your whole party at the beginning, though. And have lots of big dungeons to work through.

    Maybe they could make a few dungeons like Durlag's Tower or Watcher's Keep in the new game, even.

  • Mush_MushMush_Mush Member Posts: 476
    Maybe... Add joinable NPCs, some ability to free roam, wrap it in a good well written story and it'd become definitely in an instant.

    Tbh though I'd prefer a whole new adventure in a new land with new characters items and spells but with the same classic IE mechanics.

  • Permidion_StarkPermidion_Stark Member Posts: 4,406
    I've tried very hard to like both IWD 1 and 2 but never really got on with them because I miss the party interactions of Baldur's Gate. But if they made IWD 3 I would definitely buy it even though I know that if it stayed true to the series it wouldn't really be the game for me. Basically I'd buy it for the artwork and the music. I probably wouldn't play it much but they would still get my money.

  • _amano_amano Member Posts: 3
    edited September 2017
    Raduziel said:

    I won't buy anything until IWDEE gets updated to version 2.x

    And I prefer to see a polished IWD2EE than a IWD3. Or even a BG3.

    My wish list actually is, in this order:

    IWD 2 EE
    Temple of Elemental Evil EE
    Pool of Radiance EE
    Fallout 1 EE
    Fallout 2 EE
    IWD 3
    BG 3

    I would love to see a Baldur's Gate Prequel: Based in/around Waterdeep 10 years before.
    Let's call it "Baldur's Gate: Times of Trouble", including a 2D port of the dungeon from Eye of the Beholder 1 (and maybe even Eye of the Beholder 2). Featuring Drizzt Do'Urden and Khelben Arunsun. And maybe featuring all the painted art that is left from the early Black Isle work on the cancelled Baldur's Gate 3.

    A port of Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 to the Infinity Plus Engine would be humongous as well. Maybe the PT:EE engine could be adapted, because that seems to be more fitting than BG or IWD.

    Would people buy Icewind Dale 2 even when it had to be ported to the 2E ruleset? I certainly would like to have it in line with the other Black Isle Forgotten Realms games. Even if that means that it is just an Add-On (DLC) to Icewind Dale.

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