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Question about Fighter/Mage

GhostMerKGhostMerK Member Posts: 2
So I'm about to start playing BG2 EE and I've been running a couple of character classes through the Black Pits to try them out before I settle on one to play the game with.

I've never played a fighter/mage before so I thought I would give it a try. Well, when I dual classed to a fighter/mage my entire spellbook went grey and my cast spell icon is gone.

for reference, I'm using console commands to try out a couple of different things, I'm on story mode, I have the spell failure curse on me, but only when I'm in the building, not when I'm in the arena. (but spellbook is still greyed out when I'm in the arena)

I'm able to do all the things a fighter can do and wear, but zero things that come with the mage class. Its like im just a fighter and not a dual class. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Attached is a picture of my spell book immediately after I dual classed.

Edit: I've tried resting and resetting the game and neither of those worked.


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