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[MOD] Congenio's Pebble Collection - Use Multiple Ioun Stones

Abdel_AdrianAbdel_Adrian Member Posts: 429
edited July 2017 in General Modding
Congenio's Pebble Collection BETA

Congenio's Pebble Collection
This mod allows multiple Ioun stones to stack without using any equipment slots, as per PnP. Ioun stones can still be worn as helmets, and if used in the equipment tab, will "float" around you giving you the benefits of the stone and a free helmet slot. Simply use an innate ability to reach out and grab the Ioun stone you wish to remove from orbit. This can be quite powerful by ToB.
Wong Fei's Ioun Stone now also has same usability as all other Ioun stones, excluding Malla's Soul Stone, which still excludes Good-Aligned users.

WARNING: Ioun stones that use Opcode "Stat: Maximum HP Modifier [18]" work differently than others. In order for the HP modifier to be removed when the Ioun stone is, the HP modifier cannot be saved and loaded. In other words, if you save with the Pale Green Ioun Stone and/or Wong Fei's Ioun Stone equipped in orbit, you must equip them again upon loading to receive the HP modifier.

This mod is already a component of Eldritch Magic. I'm releasing this standalone version in the hopes of finding testers to help me improve what is otherwise a fun addition to any BGEE/BG2EE/IWDEE game. Please do not hesitate to contact me about bugs, means to improve compatibility, or solutions to the issue with Opcode 18. I know that this mod can be greatly improved, but I lack the knowledge to do that myself. Help would be greatly appreciated and credit will be given for any contribution.



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