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compatible with teclast Tbook 11 ?

czinczarczinczar Member Posts: 2
I want to know if the android version of the game would be compatible with the teclast Tbook 11 android tablet, It has a quadcore cherry trail and 4gb of ram. The problem is I have had problems in the past with this tablet trying to play with games, I can install fine but depending on the game it just doesn't want to run. Thanks.

edit : i forgot to add that it is running android 5.1 (and also windows 10 in dual boot)

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  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,774
    Hi @czinczar, welcome to the forum. I can't talk specifically about the Tbook 11, but I have had the Windows version of Planescape (latest version) running on an Atom Z3770 Bay Trail CPU with 2 GB RAM (HP Omni 10, Windows 10) and a BT mouse and keyboard. I also used it as a touch screen but preferred the keyboard and mouse. It was very playable... If you have had BGEE running then there shouldn't be any probs, if you haven't tried BGEE, then I am also sure that you wont have problems with that either (on Windows platform).

    Can't talk specifically about how the android version would go on your machine but... always a but. Before I bought the Windows version, I was running PSEE (v3.0.3.1) on an android tablet with an ARM processor which worked fine; I tried it in an Android Emulator (MEmu, Android 4.4.4) using a x86 processor without luck. Crashed all the time regardless of settings.

    My 'guess' would be that the android version wont work due to x86 CPU, but the Windows version would. Would love to know if someone has had it running in an emulator or natively on x86 processor.

    Hope this helps

  • czinczarczinczar Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for your answer.

    I really would like to play PSEE as a "touch" game, and I have heard that the windows version of the game has problems when trying to play with touch controls. I never tried BGEE or other Beamdog games for android as I am really just interested in Torment right now.

    I bought torment when it first came out back in the day on PC and it blew my mind. I first played 2 hours then I left the game alone for months, then I came back to it, and I asked myself how could I not keep playing (the same happened with Fallout2).

  • DoubledimasDoubledimas Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,263
    czinczar said:

    I really would like to play PSEE as a "touch" game, and I have heard that the windows version of the game has problems when trying to play with touch controls.

    If you mean the issues with touch control and the inventory, that bug is fixed in v3.1.3.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,774
    @czinczar, as @Doubledimas has said, the inventory bug has been fixed. I now play this on a touch screen hybrid and have no problems with the interface. Doesn't stop me from preferring the keyboad and mouse, but in some situations (like when I am on the couch playing), it is better to use the screen controls.


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