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Looking for mods for the umpteenth playthrough

bigdawg2137bigdawg2137 Member Posts: 3
Can someone give me mods that would freshen up my next playthrough? I plan making a 6 party by myself, so NPC mods are not not welcome.

I played SCS, tactics (now uncompatible RIP :/ ), ascension, CoM encounters and Rogue Rebalancing so I seek mods that bring exciting encounters without going full retard with fanfiction like some go.


  • CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,426
    Since it looks like you're looking more for content stuff, here are my content staples for a BG2 run:

    Banter Packs
    Flirt Packs
    IEP Banter Pack
    Unfinished Business
    Almateria's Restoration Project
    Adalon's Blood
    G3 Anniversary
    Restored ToB Heads
    Wheels of Prophecy
    Imoen is Stone
    Quest Pack

    G3 Anniversary is a little on the silly side but fun; and both Imoen is Stone and Adalon's Blood are small but great additions. I also tried Back to Brynnlaw on my last game and was pretty happy with it. If you're just looking for quests and encounters, you could just go with Unfinished Business, Quest Pack, Almateria's Restoration Pack, G3 Anniversary, Back to Brynnlaw, and Adalon's Blood.

    without going full retard

    ...and while I get the reference, "retard" is not a nice word to be throwing around.

  • ArtonaArtona Member Posts: 1,077
    I highly recommend @LavaDelVortel's mods, their quality goes from "very good" to "great". This is SoA content though.

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