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Off-hand Thac0 too high

I have this issue and can't see a solution anywhere (I have found a few people having the same problem). My Kensai 10/Mage 15 is dualing scimitars and I can't stand the humiliation done to me by Valygar, whose off-hand Thac0 is higher than mine! Valygar has 0 with the main-hand and 4 with the off-hand, while charname has 0 with the main-hand and 8 with the off-hand. I have taken of all the inventory except from the swords and it made no positive nor negative outcome.
Both Charname and Valygar have two weapons fighting on level 2. Valygar has katana proficiency in katanas level 2. Charname is the grandest of masters in scimitar wielding level 5.

My Charname Thac0 modifiers (as seen in inventory log):
Base Thac0: 11
Strength modification: -1 (that gives 10 Thac0)
Strength extra modification: -1 (dunno what that is, but it sums to 9 here)
Ability Bonuses: -3 (6)
Proficiencies: -3 (3)
Main hand Thac0 - Kachiko's Wakizashi +3: -3 (that's 0 so this one is correct)
Off hand Thac0 - Belm +2: 2 (Dunno if it's supposed to be +2 or -2, either way it should give Thac0 1 or 5, but I get Thac0 8!)

Where does this weird difference come from? Shouldn't I get a modifier 0/-2 from dual wielding? It looks like it's 0/-7 in reality, such a difference changes my enemy from a naked mage with Bracers AC6 into a tortoise in a scale armor!


  • DurenasDurenas Member Posts: 469
    posting a savegame would help us by giving us more information to work with.
  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 758
    I believe at one point the Kensai bonuses only applied to the mainhand, but if so that was fixed a while ago.
    It would explain the difference though:
    11: Base
    11/15: 2 stars in Two-Weapon Fighting is -0/-4, 3 stars is -0/-2.
    8/13: +3 Wakizashi, +2 Belm
    5/10: +3 Proficiency
    3/8: +1,+1 Strengths
    0/8: +3/+0 Kensai
  • fatelessfateless Member Posts: 303
    Shouldn't Valygar's base thaco be lower than the fighter mages? Though I admit I may be forgetting something in the dual/multiclass level calculations that doesn't make Valygar really any higher level.
  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 1,646
    In relation to the possible kensai bug, it could be that this was fixed for actual combat, but not for the information reported in the character record (I've seen a number of instances where the record screen information is incorrect). You can test that by trying to hit something with a known AC (like one of your party) and seeing what roll is actually required with main and off-hand.

    Does your character have exceptional strength of between 18(51) and 18(99) - to explain the second adjustment for that?
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