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Question about recruiting Voghiln *SPOILER*

goodoogoodoo Member Posts: 17
edited August 2017 in Troubleshooting
Hi everyone!

I am currently at my 2nd playthrough of SoD and have once more reached the part where I meet Jaheira and Voghiln. This time I ran into a problem though, see the spoiler.

When you first meet the two, Voghiln mistakes you for one of Argent's crusaders and Jaheira steps in to clear things up. At least thats what happend on my first playthrough. This time however Jaheira does not. Voghiln simply turns hostile and Jaheira attacks him.

Am I doing something wrong or did I miss something?

My Party currently includes myself (Human Fighter, neutral good, reputation: 20), Minsk, Dynaheir and Corwin. On my first playthrough it was almost the same - only my character was a chaotic good Swashbuckler instead.


While not exactly a solution, I found a workaround for this problem.

I simply used charm person and then force talked to him. More precisely I still had Algernon's Cloak from Baldur's Gate. Jaheira will start wandering around, seemingly randomly, so I had to talk to her quickly or else I would have had to search her.

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