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Haer'Dalis or Nalia?

Been playing through BG2ee and can't decide on a sixth party member, though I think I've whittled it down to a few. Looking for some input.

Bhaalspawn is a Chaotic Neutral human Swashbuckler10 > Cleric, who serves as a trapfinder/lockpicker, frontliner, and spellcaster/healer.

Party at the moment is:

- Dorn
- Neera
- Viconia
- Hexxat (who I'm romancing)

Thieves are obviously covered, as are clerics, so I'm leaning towards someone who can either dish out combat DPR or add some more spells, hence being brought to these two.

Nalia, to be played very much as just a mage with elven chain and a shortbow, a tankier supporter to Neera? Will she be too "good" for this group?

Or Haer'Dalis, another frontliner who can throw in some spells of his own?

I've never used either of them in other playthroughs, so I'm not sure what to expect.

P.S. Before you go "Edwin!", he clashes with Neera, and no Lawful characters allowed in my group. :D



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