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Missing save files

semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 14,072
I just solved a problem on my own, but since it was rather alarming at the time, I'll post the problem and solution here.

I restarted my computer after de-syncing Onedrive (it was causing unrelated problems elsewhere) and suddenly I could not load any save games in BG:EE or BG2:EE. I had two different installs of each, a heavily modded install and a completely clean install, and I couln't load saves for either of them.

But I still had the original save folders, which I could view outside the game in Documents. They didn't get deleted; the game just doesn't see them .

It turns out that, for some reason, restarting my computer changed the folders that my EE games were using as save folders. Instead of using the folder from Documents, it used a different "Documents" folder only accessible by going to C:, then Users, then a different username from the one I'd been using, and then the other "Documents" folder.

I found this new folder by starting a new game in BG2:EE, saving it as "test 43235" to create a save folder with that name, and then searching my computer for "test 43235" to find out where my game had put it. I then copied my other saves to that folder and I was able to load them normally.

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