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Having trouble

ajisgod321ajisgod321 Member Posts: 58
I have been having a few issues installing planes cape. I used to have bg2 bg ee Iwdee before my comp crashed and had no issues. However now that my interest has been renewed I wanted to try planes cape because unlike baldurs gate I never played that as a child. First time I tried downloading I got an error message that said I was missing the file so I contacted support got a link for it and tried again to no avail. Uninstaller planes cape and tried again however this time I got a new message that read 3221225477 error message. I tried to contact support again but have yet to receive an answer. Can someone please help me? I have a Sony Vaio laptop.


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,588
    edited August 2017
    Hi @ajisgod321, there is a bug report here that details the same prob. You didn't mention what OS you are running so I am assuming Windows 10. If it is Windows 7 ot 8.x, then the same should apply... May be a different solution for Linux. Not sure which model you of Vaio you have so I will work with generic descriptions. You can also find another generic troubleshooting discussion here. On another note, I am assuming you are installing Planescape: Torment: EE and not the original.

    Could you try the following:
    - Make sure you have the latest video driver installed.
    - (Re)Install Directx 9.0c
    - Reinstall OpenAL.
    - Reinstall Planescape
    - Start the game.

    If it doesn't start, there is a software version of openAL located in the second link./ Try download that and install. Attempt a restart.

    If none of this works, let me know the model of the Sony and the version of OS you are running and we will try some more.

    Good luck

    Edit: Also mention which version of the game and where it was purchased from (Steam/GoG/Beamdog etc)

  • ajisgod321ajisgod321 Member Posts: 58
    I will try when I get home. You are correct planes cape enhanced, Windows 10, can't remember which model computer though. It was top of the line 3 4 years ago I sp2nt like 2k on it. I am also going to try downloading one of the bald Ursula gates as well I bought all the enhanced versions over the years so they are available on my beam dog account. I am curious if those give me trouble as well

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