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I can't edit the strings in BG2EE

Curian55Curian55 Member Posts: 2
Hi, everybody. I use DLTCEP and NearInfinity to edit the strings in the game. The version i've it's from GOG. I tried to edit the strings with those programs but every change i made, doesn't seems to've effect in the game. Then i go again to the editor and the change i make is there, but is not in the game.

The option "Read Only" in the Settings in DLTCEP are dissabled. (I tried both ways, with the option enabled and disabled, but it's still the same thing).

When I tried in the other editor (NearInfinity) the changes I made in DLTCEP are there; but still not in the game.

Help, please! (Forgive my english, I'm from Argentina).


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