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Lesser restoration didn't restore lost XP on Jan Jansen after having drained levels.

LoidyLoidy Member Posts: 9
Jan had drained levels by Demon knights in the battle next to Demogorgon statue in Underdark. I immediately let Anomen to cast lesser restoration on Jan to regain lost levels. He regained lost levels, but no XP. He now needs more than 1 200 000 xp to next level.

I tried to simulate problem on other members. I let Minsc and Jaheira be drained and then I let Anomen to cast lesser restoration on them. Their levels and XP points were restored properly.

I repeated the fight again to repeat Jan situation, and after lesser restoration were restored only levels, but XP remains on 666 000. He should have 1783246 xp after restoration.

I have attached saves before the battle and after. Jaheira is multiclass and restoration works properly, so I assume it's not because of that.


  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,212
    edited August 2017
    Try adding the following file (once unzipped) to your override folder and then trying to get Jan hit. Let me know if you still get the issue.

  • LoidyLoidy Member Posts: 9
    @elminster nothing changed. Levels were restored, but XP points remained like them were drained.

  • LoidyLoidy Member Posts: 9
    @Tresset that's awesome. It works now. Thank you. I have no idea why could happen something like that, I didn't use any mod or editor.

  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 8,152
    @Loidy Yeah, it is from a feature that version 2.0 added to the games. It looks like you discovered a small bug with it.

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