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Repainted/edited portraits for Coran, Safana, Imoen, Rasaad, Dorn and female elf

trinittrinit Member Posts: 683
edited December 2012 in Fan Creations
Well, i've got new android tablet that supports wacom technology, so i decided to repaint/edit a few portraits of npc we all love and care about (or do not know who the hell are they anyway), in hopes to test its capabilities.

most of it is painting with some photo manipulation involved, to various extent. my aim was to produce portrait that would keep the familiar npc look, but also suited my vision, so you might disagree that following is improvement.
consider it just an experiment of mine that i'm contributing to community in case anybody else wants to use these.

so lets take a look, shall we?


first is coran, with :gasp: actual jaw! and not standing under a pony's tail (i'm afraid to think about the consequences of that). oh, and he has elf ears.


safana went through minor changes, resulting in more femme fatale (or simply: cheap) look, that IMO better suits her behaviour (i'm not suggesting non-skanks can't be seductive!).


i posted almost identical imoen before, this one is more painted and with few airbrush touches to make her slightly younger. i lessened static electricity so the main thing is she doesn't have a melon instead of hair. i like it the way it is so no big changes here. @Jalily you might take a look at this (as promised).


rasaad has more light to him and new nose, also added some jaw and shadows.


dorn is edited to better suit the cover for cosmopolitan :P. i also saturated and brightened colors on armor and sword, i think that will be better in small size onscreen.


everyone's crazy with buying new jaws and chins lately and this lady is no exception. what can i say? paint is somewhat visible, but i like it that way, so this is it for this bg1 version of aerie.

so there you have it, some edited portraits for you to use in the upcoming bg:ee game. below it's the download link with all appropriate sizes, although naming may be incorrect.

again, i edited these according to my taste, with various degrees of success, and my snarky comments on portraits do not in any way reflect my opinion (that is very high indeed) of artists who made them.

Download link, send me a pm if it's not working

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