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Dorn's Bloody Sword

It took me almost forever to find out killing which patron will grant his sword +5 to devils and which to demons.
I was romancing him with a Cleric charname dualed to Mage and with SCS installed, nobody else in the party, so I really wanted to be *SURE* that this bonus will work in the WK maze.
Took me even longer to choose between Tahazzar and Ka'rashur.

Turns out that BOTH swords does extra damage to BOTH demons AND devils.
FML. I've spent half a weekend on this.



  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 6,698
    Well, kinda...

    There are 4 versions of the sword. One is the one with no one trapped in it, obviously, and that works exactly as described. The other 3 are a bit messed up.
    • The one with Ur-Gothoz trapped inside does doesn't do bonus damage to anything (except good creatures, of course). This is likely a bug.
    • The one with Azothet trapped inside does bonus damage to creatures with both the "Demonic" race AND the "Tanari" class.
    • The one with both of them trapped inside does bonus damage to creatures with the "Demonic" race.
    Here is the catch: As far as the game is concerned there is no difference between Tanar'ri and Baatezu. Both are classified as "Demonic" race and "Tanari" class. Now as to the difference between the Azothet sword and the both of them sword, there is very little difference. Almost all creatures with a demonic race also have a tanari class. A select few examples may not, though, so there may be one or two specific demons that do not get the bonus damage. Imps, quazits, and mephits do not count as demonic creatures so they do not take bonus damage from any of the swords.

    I know this sounds very complicated to some of you, but here is what I would recommend doing for this quest if you want the best outcome: Trap only Azothet in the sword. Not only does the sword work against practically all demons, but you also get the extremely powerful Visage helmet from Ur-Gothoz as a bonus.

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