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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Classes/kits edition - Blackguards

Hello there!

How do Blackguards compare to other warrior classes? Are they "worth it"?
What are the benefits and pitfalls of the class?

Any intel would be appreciated.


  • KuronaKurona Member Posts: 881
    Blackguards are very powerful, arguably even more than Paladins.

    - They can poison their weapon. This is normally the trademarks of Assassins, but Blackguards can do it with two-handed swords, at multiple attacks per round. In BG1 this is extremely potent despite a few nerfs Beamdog did to the ability. It loses effectiveness a bit in BG2 and a lot in ToB but by then the Blackguards has other tools at hand.

    - Like Paladins, they are warriors with divine casting. This only really shows its worth in BG2, where spells like Draw Upon Holy Might and Armor of Faith can do wonder to both their offensive and defensive power.

    - They are immune to level drain and fear, which means you don't have to give them the Amulet of Power in BG2 and that they can always cast Remove Fear themselves to cure their allies.

    - Aura of Despair lowers all enemies' hit, damage and armor rolls around the Blackguard without save (magic resistance does block it, iirc).

    Their only real downside is that they trade Holy Smite for Unholy Blight but it's a spell that works better on clerics anyways.

  • OrlonKronsteenOrlonKronsteen Member Posts: 734
    To clarify, blackguards can't cast remove fear innately - they have to wait until they get priest spells.

  • darko1beamdogdarko1beamdog Member Posts: 31
    Thanks for the info, @Kurona and @OrlonKronsteen. Have a good one!

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