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Higher level spells?

Been thinking, since I play Legacy of Bhaal with double XP option, what about adding some higher level spells, like level 10 wizard/level 8 druid&cleric? Cause first, there are some really really REALLY nasty fights, Tahazzar&his boys for one. With LoB AND that stupid dead spell rooms before AND about 10 nasty deamons attacking the moment you teleport in, it is kinda difficult to survive long enough to actually even get to cast something. Managed to bring them down to about 6 pcs by Hit&Run tactics, but they bloody respawn and there is turd-load of them again. Yeah, I agree, it is meant for ToB and I play that at SoA currently with not even Bodhi butched, but…

On the other hand, the classic D&D rules allow for that, only lvl 11+ wizzard spells are forbidden by Mystra I believe. Also by those rules, Anomen at level 51 would already be something like demi-god (Plus that's already in SoA, I think that in ToB he'll reach some level 70 or so.), so maybe he would deserve something? I am getting nothing but +2 hit points for about last 20 levels. Maybe as a special ability to get something, or the possibility to write his own spells?

Would that be possible at least as a mod?


  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 8,971
  • BehemotBehemot Member Posts: 19
    Not high enough. Those deamons, I counted 13 pieces, can WIPE OUT my ENTIRE group in about 15 seconds. Comet or dragon's breath does not even harm them most of the time, Abi-Dalzim's is like minor scratch. As well as fighter HLA's. Besides, cleric gets nothing at all after aprox. level 30.

    I think that with this, slaying Demogorgon is just not an option with LoB on. Having such problems with "few" Glabrezu and all those other things, there is no chance I am gonna get those Marylith's etc. he will be summoning. Also he is imune to stop time and so on.

  • chimericchimeric Member Posts: 1,163
    The AD&D game has only 9th level spells for wizards and 7th level prayers for clerics. After you have passed that, your characters can enjoyably retire or continue engaging in diplomacy, politics, investigations, wars, spelljamming, extraplanar travels, artifact creation and other things they have been doing. Oh wait, they're dungeon-delving still at those levels because ToB etc. is a dumb sequel's sequel of a dumb computer adaptation and there is nothing else for them to do? Well, perhaps you should consider quitting this crap and doing something else with your life, or at least starting with another character from the levels when monster-bashing is still fun.

  • BehemotBehemot Member Posts: 19
    Getting low-level chars for LoB'ed ToB will be anything but fun, when they die just when some bad guy looks at them strangely.

    Doing extraplanar travels, wars or artifac creation would be nice for some expansion, however I am not sure there will ever be any, right.

    (BTW, if anybody has experience with XP tables (or even spell tables) modification, I got some troubles with that so please have a look to modding section where I created thread for that :D)

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 3,504
    it actuality, the BG series isn't even balanced for LoB mode, it was just a mode that the devs added in for the lulz ( they took it from IWD's heart of fury mode ) so if you cant beat the game on LoB mode, don't sweat it, because the BG series wasn't intended for it

    besides LoB and HoF mode are for masochists who are obsessed with pain to be honest

  • BehemotBehemot Member Posts: 19
    I think I can beat the game fine, just couple particular battles make problems. Though I think I will be able to cut the demons to pieces with that strange armor for Anomen in ToB.

    But I think it is a waste to do not take advantage of the XP by leveling up…and maybe modifying the tables to get something more than couple HP with all those levels. Anomen is the only problem, other characters I have level much more slowly.

    Here's the thread if anybody knows more about them tables

  • BehemotBehemot Member Posts: 19
    edited September 2017
    Hey, I got an idea for first level 10 spells. I think the ones capable of destroying whole cities and continents are about level 11-12, so 10 should be relatively safe, yet could bring some nice advantage especially for LoB option.

    So…what about, Summon dragon? :D

    And the other one…absolute invisibility (not detectable by any means, but with some reasonable limit, like 3 rounds +1 round/10 levels.

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