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Umm...that could have gone better...

On a minimal reload, assaulting the bandit camp, Khalid took a flurry of hits in 1 go and died rather unexpectedly early on in the battle and to make matters worse had my web cast interrupted by a random sneaky elite that came up from the south....needless to say the battle rapidly became substantially more difficult...


I have no idea what to do now lol...I have a feeling I'm going to be losing alot of loot :'(



  • Mush_MushMush_Mush Member Posts: 465
    Oh yea containers, why didn't I think of that lol...I was just cherry picking items of maximum value...luckily I havnt left yet, thanks :)

  • thar_thaazdhenthar_thaazdhen Member Posts: 15
    You can only hope that the surviving bandits (if any) will be decent enough not to steal your items from the containers :smile:.

    Please can you share a link to your portrait pack? I haven't seen those yet. Thanks :wink:

  • Mush_MushMush_Mush Member Posts: 465
    Ambushed on the return trip!

    Ugh, really...?

    yea only Khalid has gear this is going to be fun...

    Please can you share a link to your portrait pack? I haven't seen those yet. Thanks :wink:

    Well most are just cherry picked from threads here rather than a specific pack. My charname is from the new flying scotsman pack, Jaheira and Minsc were from this thread (page 43 or 42 I think) and Imoen/Dyna I've had for so long I have no memory of where I got them from...I sometimes forget they're not the default portraits :) I do believe they are somewhere on the forum though.

  • Mush_MushMush_Mush Member Posts: 465
    That went well...

    Charmed Morvin and blinded Molkar then pit the two against each other.

    Unarmed and unarmoured Minsc and Imoen harrass Drakar, Imoen runs into the shadows to break line of sight and waste his spell.

    Raven saves Khalid's life as he starts to take a beating. Molkar kills Morvin. Everyone turns their attention to Drakar, Imoen backstabs with her fists for 3 damage lol Jaheira hurling bullets and Raven casts blind.

    And with that the end draws near. both remaining enemies are blinded.

    In contrast to the thread title, that went better than expected :)

    Onward to hopefully unstolen loot!

  • Mush_MushMush_Mush Member Posts: 465
    Well that's new...I've just entered the spider area of cloakwood and instantly 5 phase spiders spawned inside my party...

    what the...

    At first it was just 2 and then a few seconds later another 3 appeared. I don't remember that happening on my last (and only other) SCS run. Is this normal?

    I'm half expecting to hear "Better part of valor! better part of valor!" any moment now :D

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 3,321
    Mush_Mush said:

    Is this normal?

    Certainly not unexpected. There's a random chance for each spider in the map to both turn up when you arrive and respond to any fights you're in - 5 is above average to get there though.

  • Mush_MushMush_Mush Member Posts: 465
    Interesting, I suppose they are phase spiders so its not unimaginable that it could happen. Still was definitely an unexpected welcome party heh.

    I managed to fend them off...two giant spiders joined the fray mid-battle so actually had 7 to deal with in the end. phew

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 3,321
    To clarify - the teleporting ones are only the phase spiders found at various locations on the map. The 2 huge spiders that joined in are just from a nearby spawn point drawn in by the sound of fighting. Well done for managing to have everyone survive :).

  • GrumGrum Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 2,098
    The worried look on Charname's face was perfect.

  • Mush_MushMush_Mush Member Posts: 465
    Haha yea it's often fitting, horrific things seem to await her at every turn.

    Dynaheir has died an impressive six times since I rescued her from the Gnoll stronghold...the first time being whilst leaving the gnoll stronghold lol.

    She's died twice in Cloakwood thus far; once from Centeol's wand of frost and then once we had raised her at the FAI and returned she was promptly torn apart by a werewolf in the lower level of the arch druid's house...she's not having a good run.

    Noone else has died except for the mass party obliteration at the bandit camp. Kinda regretting taking out the con penalty mod it would be amusing/interesting to see how many hp she would have at this point.

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