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Welp... Lost my grapes. (Recreating lost quest item?)

Yo, Dudes and Dudettes.

I was dinking around in Durlag's Tower and I got the urge to roam. You know the urge? To Roam?

So, like, I roamed over to the south and west. My load was heavy and my pockets were full, so I stopped into the Naskel shop to trade loot for cash. I knew I would be coming back to Durlag's Tower to hang out and didna wanna drag my loots all around the frigging realm, so I dropped some stuff there to be picked up later.

I can't remember all I left there. Too many gnome cookies back in the day, ya dig? It was a lot of stuff.

I told the shopkeeper to leave it all be. I smiled really big and said, "Please," ya know? In case he wasn't adequately intimidated by the pointy teeth in my patented valley-elf grin, I squeezed my boobies at him. Between my biceps, bicuspids and boobies, I thought he was convinced. I figured it was all gonna be there waiting for me just like I laid it out.

It poofed. I specifically left some grapes there. I mean, gnome cookies aside, I'm pretty danged sure.

I left a mallet head and a wardstone, too. Although everything else vanished, the mallet head and the wardstone were still there. I guess the shopkeeper sold everything else, even a few extra arrows I had on hand. He prolly ate the grapes.

He tried to look innocent, DnD's, but he was guilty. I woulda roughed him up a little around the edges, but the Paladin frowned at me. He frowns at me a lot. Too much, frankly. If he wasn't so handy with the laying on of hands--both ways, Dudettes, and he surely is six kinds of cute--I'd have shucked his frowny butt long since.

Just to be sure, I trekked all the way back to the tower and gave it a look-see. No surprise: no grapes.

Sooo... It looks a bit grim for old Spiegs, DnD's. Does anyone know any secret wizardly ways to warp some extra grapes out of hidden interstices of the universes? It prolly won't be the end of the world if I don't get my grapes back, ya dig? Prolly. Can't be certain. It might be that the only way I can get rid of all the problems of the Sword Coast is hinged on a measly bunch of grapes.

Anyone know? I haven't been this stymied in centuries.

Thanks in advance, Dudes and Dudettes.




  • SpiegelSpiegel Member Posts: 5
    Ah... Blessings on ya, gal!

    I was surely worried for a moment.


  • SpiegelSpiegel Member Posts: 5
    Dudette, that's cool.

    If it would make you happy for me to observe your superstitious belief that some god will protect my stuff if I put it in a chest or such, I'm more than happy to try it out. I always wondered why I could find stuff sitting around in barrels in the middle of nowhere. Maybe it'll help.

    But! The hair thing... That's kinda a no-no where I am from. No self-respecting valley elf woman would cut her hair unless mourning for a really special cat. Not even for a dog, would I do that.

    The last time my hair got cut, it was while dodging a swipe from an orc who had offered me a choice to give up everything I was carrying plus spend a few idle hours entertaining him and a dozen of his friends, or to decorate his blade with my blood. Needless to say, he wasn't aiming for my hair.

    Before I cut him in half, I convinced him that my boots were covered with candy from walking the magical sweetness trail and he should clean them thoroughly so that he would get the double pleasure of the sweet dust on his tongue and its magic on his...virility. Then I told him that the ground he was crawling on was sacred, so he needed to give me a place to pee without soiling the grass. I had other plans for him, but my comrades got tired watching him humiliate himself and reminded me that he would never get a chance to remember all of that stuff anyway.

    So I chopped him in half with a single blow of my two-handed sword. It was harder to do it going from the nave of his head down to his...virility...but the challenge was more of aim, not strength. I'm pretty good with the old dragon-sticker, so I got it in one.

    I'll make the friendly suggestion that, whatever you think of us, you never suggest we cut our hair. We really don't like it.


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