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IWD-style portrait of Imoen?

When I play Baldur's Gate I usually replace all the NPC portraits with the ones from IWD 1 and 2 because I love the look of them and because it allows me to create a consistent visual-style for all of the characters in the game. There are pretty good alternatives for all the NPCs except Imoen (and Boo but I just imagine that he is hiding somewhere about Minsc's person and so cannot be seen). At the moment I am using this portrait for Imoen:


I love the picture but it doesn't really say 'Imoen' to me. It's not bad for BG2 (being tortured can wipe the smile off anyone's face) but ideally I would like someone who looked a bit cheerier. I know cheery isn't something you really associate with Justin Sweet's paintings so I would settle for something where she doesn't look quite so sad.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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