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BG:EE on windows 10 tablet

Can any one answer, will BG:EE works on my tablet Dell Venue 8 Pro 5855?
OS: Windows 10
Grafics: Intel HD
Memory: 4Gb


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 720
    @KMiSSioN, Welcome to the Forum...

    I can't answer for your specific device, but I have had the BGEE series running on a Windows tablet of lessor specs (HP Omni 10 with 2GB RAM and Intel Graphics). I would suggest that you will be able to run it on the Dell. There are other comments within the forum where the games are being run on Windows Tablets as well.

    If you do run into an immediate prob, then post the problem and we will help out. It is likely to be a graphics problem where installing DirectX 9.0c and running the game using DirectX instead of OpenGL generally fixes it. This can be done by opening 'baldur.lua' and changing the line below from a 0 to a 1.


    Hope this makes sense.

  • KMiSSioNKMiSSioN Member Posts: 2
    edited September 2017
    @Gusinda, thank you for your help.
    Unfortunately i was not able to run BG:EE in OpenGL render under Windows 10 with Intel HD graphics. After launch i have black screen - music playing, but no image at all (in fullscreen and in window modes). I think there is some mess with repaint event or frame end detection (when i resized BG window one frame was drawn, but only one, and i can't set vertical sync to always on in Intel HD control panel).
    Then i had install DirectX end-user runtimes which install dx9 libs too (windows 10 has directx 12 included) and than i was able to launch BG:EE with directx render (SetPrivateProfileString('Graphics','Backend','1')).
    This is odd becouse PST:EE runs with OpenGL render flawlessly.
    I want try to run BG:EE linux native version with WSL and xming as X-server (glxinfo says that hardware accseleration enabled), but there are no practical use in it, becouse donate version of xming is needed.

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