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iwd anti-powergaming party

I'm thinking of playing IWDEE again, this time with an anti-powergaming party. Some rules:

1. No kits (with the exception of Wizard schools, which were in the original IWD).

2. Only one score per character of 18.

3. No Half-Orcs; no monks, barbarians, or sorcerers.

My one concession to power-gaming: a multi-classed thief. I just can't seem to swallow a single class.

A question, though: Which is less power-gamey: A cleric or a fighter/cleric? I've played the game with a single-class cleric before, and she wiped up the Undead in the Severed Hand single-handedly. Boring. I was hoping that multi-classing her might slow her down a bit.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 3,030
    since im a power gamer extrodinaire I know exactly what you need to not power game :)

    #1 no class mixing whatsoever with fighter in it, so that includes your fighter/cleric, no fighter/mages, no fighter/thieves, no fighter anything, and no dual classing with fighter period, having those fighter levels mixed in with classes that don't get those extra attacks per round and the good to hit really help bring up the power level of those secondary classes

    #2 if you must have a multi class thief, just make sure again it's not a fighter/thief, fighter/thieves are pretty damn great especially an elf fighter/thief using longbows, complete carnage, if you must multi-class or dual for that matter, try out the cleric/thief, only gnomes can be cleric thieves for a multi class ( half-orc can to but you said no half-orcs ) so the only other option is human dual classing

    #3 make a team of six, if you make a smaller team, then you are going to sky rocket in levels comparatively, unless you don't mind that

    #4 also, what you could do it take the premade IWD team that comes with IWD EE, their stats aren't optimized to power game levels ( they only have the odd 18 here or there ) but they do have some class kits ( like the bersker and undead hunter ) so for those two classes you can just remake them and make one a fighter ( perhaps dwarf ) and one a paladin

    #5 don't bring along any druids or bards, the bard songs in IWD are A LOT better than their BG counterpart and druids have even more amazing spells in IWD than their BG counterpart as well, these two class types are very VERY strong in IWD

    for a team idea, mayhaps you could go with something like this:

    1- human paladin
    2- dwarf fighter
    3- half-elf ranger ( or possibly even elf )
    4- (any race) cleric ( although halflings and gnomes only get a max of 17 to their WIS )
    5- gnome cleric/thief
    6- elf mage or elf enchanter or human mage or human ( specialist mage )
  • Mush_MushMush_Mush Member Posts: 465
    I would say come up with some interesting characters and match the stats to what suits them, I think if you apply a realistic score and even choose weapons and spells that fit the character rather than what works you'd end up with not only a non power gaming setup but an interesting party to play with.
  • AltairAltair Member Posts: 109
    I must say I don't really see the point of anti-power gaming for these kinds of games... are you also going to equip the worse weapons and armors that you can find? I love challenges but I find much more rewarding to build the best character possible (without any cheat of course) and to try and beat the game at the highest difficulty possible with it. It took me ages to finish IWD on Heart of Fury mode starting from level 1 (first time with a party, and then again solo), but it was great fun every step of the way and deeply satisfying at the end.
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 3,153
    Because roleplaying is more fun than powergaming everytime :wink:
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 3,030
    I think the reason why people don't want a power gaming party is because it makes the game easier to the point where it is a cake walk, especially in bg1 for example, when I make teams 75% of the time I always make my own team of 6 instead of using joinable NPCs and my own team of 6 is noticeably stronger than an NPC team is, and I slice and dice through baddies no sweat without a worry or care, even on insane difficulty with double damage on

    so making a non power gaming party in IWD gives it the feel that you are using joinable NPCs instead of just pregenerated children of the gods that will raze destruction across the land
  • AltairAltair Member Posts: 109
    Try the Heart of Fury or Legacy of Bhaal modes starting from level 1 and we will see if you still find it a cake walk :-)
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 3,030
    Altair said:

    Try the Heart of Fury or Legacy of Bhaal modes starting from level 1 and we will see if you still find it a cake walk :-)

    yup, with 5 fighters and 1 swashbuckler, although it wasn't a cake walk, it was do able, although I find the HoF and LoB modes to be very boring, giving enemies bajillions of HP isn't really my idea of a fun time
  • WesboiWesboi Member Posts: 340
    Who doesn't start on HoF from level 1 it's the only way to play icewind dale. Every other mode is just too easy.
  • RedrakeRedrake Member Posts: 199
    Best way to use a cleric multiclass is to create a dwarf FC. Efficient tanks and not as overpowered as Ranger/Clerics or single class cleric.

    OTOH, best way to use a thief is to make him/her a dual-class. After they reach level 13 (assuming a game played on normal), after finishing up Uper Dorn's Deep, there are no more traps to be had, so dual-classing is best done then, as there are plenty of quests (especially in Wyrm's Tooth Glacier) to recover thieving skills in no time. My favorite is dual-class Thief/Specialist Mage. Possible unfortunately only in the original non-baldurized version of the game.
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