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Single Weapon Style

I should know this . . . but I don't.

I'm going to play BG1 as a vanilla Thief. I was going to put a pip in swords of some type (haven't decided which yet), a pip in Short Bows and a pip in Single Weapon Style. If my Thief uses a buckler when using his sword will that negate the advantages conferred by Single Weapon Style?

Also does Single Weapon Style give you any advantages when using a bow (I'm guessing not)?


  • Permidion_StarkPermidion_Stark Member Posts: 4,006
    Thanks @Grond0 . I guess I won't be buying that buckler then.

  • AerakarAerakar Member Posts: 626
    edited September 2017
    @Grond0 is this true for BGEE, SoD, and Bg2EE as well?

    I have never noticed this before and often use bucklers (on thieves) with other items like Elves Bane and the Cloak of Displacement. The character sheet seems to correctly reflect the proper +/- based on damage type, or at least seems that way to me.

    Or do you mean this only applies if the charname uses a buckler with SWS?

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 3,911
    @Aerakar thanks for pointing this out. I thought I remembered testing this, but that was a long time ago and perhaps things have changed. I agree that in the EE the buckler is acting according to its description, i.e. it gives an AC bonus against slashing and crushing attacks, but not against missile and piercing ones. I've changed the incorrect information in my earlier post.

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