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Wizard heavy 4 man party...

You don't really need to go caster heavy in BG1 but I tried it and it's one of the most fun groups I've run though.

My group is:
GW: Sorcerer
Imoen : DC to Mage at level 5

Using this, this let me put a lot of situational spells I don't often use on my Sorcerer to get more use of out those, plus he's a MM cannon with the Ring of Wizardry.

Dynaheir uses Web of course and lots of offensive spells.

Imoen has self buffs and de-buffs, like Greater Maliasion, etc. and Ring of Free Action and the Belt of the Antipode with other Cold Resist as well for > 100% resist.

Minsc uses Spider bane.

It's such a powerful team for BG1. With wands on everyone, you can walk into a room and Fireball + Fireball + Skull Trap or whatever, etc. Solo characters don't stand a chance.

On harder fights it's Web and Ice Storm with Minsc wading into the Ice and getting healed from it!

Before Spider Bane Minsc used the Composite Longbow +1 on Web fights.

Really powerful group!



  • OrlonKronsteenOrlonKronsteen Member Posts: 733
    edited September 2017
    I was going to say you may need a cleric, but if you're doing that much damage with wands, maybe not! Have fun!

  • malachi151malachi151 Member Posts: 152
    edited September 2017
    Firstly, I meant to say that the Belt of the Antipode is on Minsc, not Imoen.

    Also I'm playing on Hard mode.

    I don't usually use clerics in BG1 anymore. It's easy enough to just buy healing potions.

    What I've found with this group is that I can play the game much more authentically, instead of setting up for every encounter head of time. It's because with this many spells on hand you don't need to prepare for each fight you can just go into any encounter and you've got enough spell power to do whatever you need.

    I found that when using only 1 wizard in a group I was often having to rest after each medium sized fight or before any large encounter and was preparing my spellbook based on what I knew was coming up, getting all of just the right spells ready, etc.

    With this group I can just walk into any battle without having to prepare because I've got basically every decent spells ready on-hand. Also I can cast in a lot more small and medium sized fights instead of just having my Mage sit in the back throwing rocks and saving his spells.

    My Sorcerer basically has 1 offensive spell per level and the rest are all situational. For my two 4th level spells I've got Improved Invisibility and Emotion. II is so powerful but I never used it much before in BG1. I'm currently clearing Werewolf Island - about done with that, then it will be off to finish the game and take out Sarevok.

    Also, I gave my Sorcerer the tome of Strength. This is because Minsc's strength is already almost 19 anyway.

    So now my Sorc has 19 Strength and 19 Dex. This has made him a really powerful slinger and also he's great with Melf's Meteors too. With Sling+1 (I haven't cleared DT yet, nor will I. Level 2 is such a pain) and Legacy of the Masters he's doing 14-17 damage with a sling with a THAC0 of 11 :) Not bad for a caster! Imagine if I had the sling+3! :p

    With MM he's got a THAC0 of 9 with 6-9 base damage and 5 APR of course! I really like this setup because I've not usually been able to give Legacy of the Master to a caster before, but it makes so much sense with MM. With 5 APR, it's the highest APR in BG1, so combining that with LoM makes a lot of sense. It is a late game spell, but I can only imagine a group with a Skald in it with a Sorcerer using MM and LoM. His THAC0 would be 7 with 8-11 base damage! Brutal! If you add in a Cleric with Bless and Chant it would be even more insane!

    I gave the Tome of Health to Minsc and the Tome of Dex to Imoen and the Tomes of Int and Wis to Dynaheir so she's got bard level lore now :p

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