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Better Claws for Improved Shapeshifter from Tweaks Anthology

Got annoyed enough with Cernd on my most recent play-through to d/l Near Infinity and adjust the claws the werewolf and Greater werewolf abilities summon.

Short version is both types now add +1 or +3 to Str/dex/con instead of giving a fixed value, are no longer limited by race, the basic claw counts as a +2 weapon and the Greater claw as a +6 (yeah, it's a beast, literally), they no longer count as 2handed weapons so you can use in main or offhand, both are daggers for proficiency purposes.

The Greater claw now correctly makes you immune to less than +3 weapons like the GWW monsters, to slightly balance that out i removed the +45 HP's it used to add. Note it is EXTREMELY powerful, but this rebalanced kit was already sickeningly OP for trivial content, the advantage with these changes is you can actually hit every monster in the game now and can offhand it with a non-magical in the main hand for times you need to use non-magical weapons like the Magic Golems or Mages protected with Pro-magic weapons.

I added a dinky little +1 HP per round Regeneration to the basic claw as well, the Greater still has 3 per second, but w/o the +45 HP's and being set to 25 con and instead getting +3 con, it's still going to make you work a bit in some situations.

My hope is these claws will make the Kit super-viable all the way to Amelissan rather than flopping on a few key encounters because the claw can't hit a few of the bosses and being doubly screwed over because you can't even offhand and keep the regeneration/AC/resistances whilst equipping a weapon that CAN hit said bosses.


  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 354
    Ok, couldn't sleep so decided to play about with the idea of making a non-Kit/class alternative for the lulz.

    Changed the Flail of Everard from the Copper Coronet Special item merchant to this Robe and set base price to 50,000 gold. The flail is terrible being only +2 so figured no one in their right mind would waste cash buying it anyway.

    Below is my F/M/T wearing the Robe:

    As you can see the Robe not only converts you into a Greater Werewolf but also equips you with the +5 Club proficiency weapon i made specially for it. 2d4+5 Base damage, chose club because all except mages can use it, and mages can use it with universal clubs Mod and crush damage is the least resisted.

    If anyone is interested in using/abusing it let me know and i'll attach the item files.

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