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Fun new EE behavior for dual-classing Yoshimo

leeowensoasleeowensoas Member Posts: 81
Howdy y'all,

So as we all know, you can dual-class Yoshimo to a Fighter. In the original BG2 (depending on how much of the game content you complete before chapter 4 and spoiler-y things occur) this tactic varied between "kinda neat" and "completely pointless" due to the time it took to get Yoshi's new fighter levels to surpass his thief levels. BUT in the EE's, the first time you meet a character and they join your party, after about a 1 second delay the game runs a script granting them xp comparable to yours. For instance, if I show up to Chateau Irenicus with a 500,000xp Cavalier, when Imoen joins my party, (after about a 1 second delay) her xp jumps from around 120,000 to 500,000. I keep emphasizing the 1 second delay for a reason, and here it is: though it may be a biiiit on the cheesy side, when Yoshimo joins your party, you can actually pause before the xp-matching script runs, and dual-class him. Then the script runs, and suddenly your new level 1 fighter Yoshi receives 500,000 xp, rocketing him straight to tenth level, only one away from reactivating his bounty hunter class. If you import from a very thorough playthrough of BG1 and SoD, your character can even be starting with more XP, and if you manage to hit 750,000 before you pick up Yoshimo, you can dual him and reactivate his first class quite literally immediately, with no consoling xp, no saving quest rewards, nothing but a little script magic. This is the Yoshimo in my current playthrough (while still inside Irenicus' dungeon):

Bounty Hunter(10)->Fighter(11)
*Single Weapon Style
**Two-Weapon Style

I think this weapon skill is MUCH more befitting a dude with two katanas in his damn portrait :wink:

And he can still unlock any lock with only one potion of Master Thievery, and find/disarm every trap in the game. Just a little something to spice up your next playthrough


  • Lehigh96Lehigh96 Member Posts: 23
    In my next run I was planning on playing a Shadowdancer as my charname and using only characters that have thief skills including pure thieves, thief multis, thief duals, as well as bards. I wanna create my own little band of thieves. Your solution for Yoshi will help me with my tank problem, thank you very much.
  • SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 5,351
    Damn, this is ingenious! Nice find, will definitely try that. Wonder if it works on ipad as well since on PC I don't mind modding NPCs in EEkeeper, but on Ipad I am stuck with the standards.
  • CruentuzCruentuz Member Posts: 16
    edited October 2017
    Does this work on Big S in ToB also?

  • leeowensoasleeowensoas Member Posts: 81
    I haven't tested, super curious now
  • DaevelonDaevelon Member Posts: 600

    I haven't tested, super curious now

    Me too, i'm into a new walkthrough but i'm still in SoD... this actually change my party plans for ToB
  • CruentuzCruentuz Member Posts: 16
    I guess it's easy to test by starting a new ToB game with a random toon and use eeKeeper to simulate different xp values.
    As long as there is time to do a quicksave in our pocket-hell before talking to Big S (don't remember), it's easy to reload and try to time the pause-click.
    Will try the next time I'm at the computer.
    Would be awesome if it works I think.
    Holy Avenger or Staff of the Magi...hmmm
  • GrumGrum Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 2,100
    Huh...does this work with Sarevok?
  • CruentuzCruentuz Member Posts: 16
    edited October 2017
    Just tried it with Sarevok. For me at least, it was an instant level up. As soon as I clicked "end dialog", the level up sound played. :(

    *edit: beat the sound, but the xp seem to be instant on joining the group. Damn.
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